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FeedDemon RSS Reader | palmIT

FeedDemon RSS Reader

FeedDemon RSS Reader

Once in a while I stumble into something in the computing world that refreshes my passion for technology. Oops, I did it again.
In a previous post I talked about my curiosity, specifically, my curiosity in RSS feeds and syndication. I discovered that RSS is an acronym for really simple syndication but I was still struggling to reach the benefit of it all. Why were all of these BLOGGERS asking me to syndicate their content? What was I going to do with it?
After some digging I began to realize that I was missing a critical tool. The piece of the puzzle that would hopefully deliver the benefit. I needed an RSS reader.
By accident, or maybe by association, I stumbled into an RSS reader called FeedDemon. Now that’s a cool name for a software product. I say “by association” because I use Bradbury Software’s only other product TopStyle Pro for CSS editing. TopStyle Pro is quality software so I downloaded a copy; pre-release mind you but it’s in good working order.
FeedDemon immediately made the benefit of RSS feeds clear, it completed the benefit puzzle and I experienced another one of those rare refreshes.

RSS feeds make it easy for the right tools to aggregate and organize large amounts of information. Notice I said the right tools. FeedDemon is a highly functional and well designed piece of software. You know software is “slick” when documentation is an afterthought and the menu structure doesn’t need an explanation. It’s just intuitive.
FeedDemon allows you to easily add new channels (rss feeds) to what the software creatively refers to as your newspaper. Channels can be aggregated into channel groups and each group has a group newspaper that aggregates all (or some) of the content from those channels into an easy-to-read and fully customizable executive summary of sorts.
The benefit of a really slick RSS reader like FeedDemon is that it makes it possible for the user to suck up and absorb the important stuff (news/content) in less time. You don’t have to hop around from site to site to get your morning fix and you get to cut through the design clutter. I know, sometimes sites look nice too and FeedDemon makes it easy to pop the home site open within the application or in an external browser. FeedDemon even makes it easy to build wathches, sniffers that grab news based on keywords that you define. Slick!
FeedDemon is a slick tool that helps you realize the benefit of syndication real quick. Take a look!

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