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Microsoft Windows Antispyware BETA | palmIT

Microsoft Windows Antispyware BETA

I started the process of installing Microsoft’s new Antispyware BETA software on the four (can you believe that) computers I use for work and for play. Surprisingly, the experience has been a good one – so far. Two of my machines were clean as a whistle – one however was seriously in need of a counter-espionage campaign. The FREE (love that, watch out Symantec) antispyware tool uncovered 17 different spyware and adware application of various types happily working away on my PC – this was the oldest and most traveled of all my machines so I wasn’t surprised by the results of the 1st scan. Again, surprisingly, the software easily removed all off the applications from my machine – deported them back to that dark place on the Internet.
It’s late – just wanted to throw a positive word out for this latest effort on Microsoft’s part to spread good will. I won’t give them too much credit for the software because it’s just the result of an acquisition but I will give them credit for buying the right software and making it available to their users quickly and for FREE. I’d like to see them get this serious about the e-mail problem.

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