Urinal Targets

I stumbled into this post on Seth Godin’s Blog that caught my attention to the point where I actually looked at the Trackback log. Creative innovation like the Urinal Target (did I make that up?) is inspiring – it sparks the Entrepreneur in me. The product opportunities here are amazing to the point where I really should be keeping this stream of thought to myself. Procter and Gamble would make millions selling Urinal Targets in the U.S. alone. Can you see it? Or, should I say – can you hit it? [Pick your enemy] Urinal Target, Incredibles Urinal Targets, G.W.B. Urinal Targets, the possibilities are endless.

Did some more research and apparently the toilets in the Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) get noticed bit it stops there. Makes me wonder why somebody isn’t selling Urinal Targets that can be applied to existing toilets.
Urinal User Interface Design
Amsterdam Central Station
Schipol Airport Pictures

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