HP HW6700

HP HW6700
The PR folks must love Geeks. I can only imagine how much fun it must be for them to “leak” information about super-secret gadgets to the geek community – stirring it into a frenzy. Seriously, they sit around sheek clubs in New York making fun of us for buying the lies so easily.
Apparently… somebody at HP UK dropped the ball and “accidentally” posted a presentation about the as yet announced HP HW6700 to a “public” folder and oops the whole world found out about it. Right on the heels of a leaky Windows Mobile powered Treo 670.

“Post a fake presentation about the stupid thing on some obscure site; they’ll eat it up and by morning they’ll have websites and those forum things dedicated to it.”
- PR Person in New York Club

Via [Dave's IPAQ]

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