Adobe’s Side of the PDF/XPS Dispute by Mike Chambers

Adobe PDFMike Chambers, a senior product manager for Adobe, blogs about Adobe’s side of the Adobe vs. Microsoft PDF/XPS dispute. Ryan Stewart over at ZD NET dubs Mike’s blog post “Adobe’s side of the story” – I’m guessing that pissed a few Adobe PR / Legal types off. Mike’s post is interesting because it provides a candid perspective of the way Adobe employees probably feel about the dispute. The comments (public perspective) associated with Mike’s post are even better – I just skimmed them but I’d have to say they’re mostly in Microsoft’s favor and a lot of them criticize Adobe for producing crappy PDF software. I think this whole thing is producing a net negative PR return for Adobe.

IMO – Microsoft should include PDF support in Office 2007 and Adobe should support the effort – it’s good for their brand because the PDF standard is typically associated with it. They’re going to have a hard time protecting this association with legal tools – the best way to protect it is by building great PDF software.

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