Zune Failing

I really think Microsoft’s new media player, the Zune, is going to flop. All the marketing dollars in the world aren’t going to displace the iPod – at least not this time. Gary Stein recently commented on something that happened on CNN related to the marketing challenge Microsoft faces with Zune. Zune is going to fail because marketing products isn’t one of Microsoft’s strengths. Just look at the Zune website – the fake lifestyle shots are transparent and an instant turn-off for the demographic Microsoft needs most at this point – the kids.

I watched CNN this morning and Soledad O’Brien literally interrupted the tech-biz reporter, who was talking about the Zune, to extoll the virtues of her new, $70 iPod Shuffle. The next time the story came through the cycle, she had gotten her iPod out of her office and demonstrated how cool it was that you could clip it, and essentially un-sold the Zune, and pitched the iPod. — Gary Stein’s post

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