iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2

Wired, AppAdvice, and Engadget all did a good job of covering the release of the iOS 4.2 BETA this week. iOS 4.2 will finally bring features like multitasking, and folders, to the iPad witch has been stuck with the aging iOS 3.  I think Joshua Topolsky, over at Engadget, summed-up what this means for iPad owners best.

The addition of multitasking, folders, and big improvements in mail (amongst other things) finally make the device feel more like a computer and less like a gigantic iPhone. – Engadget, Joshua Topolsky

iOS 4.2 will bring a collection of new features to the iPad as well. AirPrint will allow you to connect to a wireless network for printing – apparently, without needing to install a printer driver. And AirPlay, a feature that allows you wirelessly stream media from your iOS device to an Apple TV or an AirPort Express.

I’m looking forward to the release of iOS 4.2, because like Joshua, my iPad feels like an old iPhone at this point. And… I’m not quite ready to test my luck with the BETA.

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