iPhone 5 Part Proof of 4-inch Display?

iPhone 5 Bezel

Is this the bezel for the iPhone 5 digitizer panel?

Is this the bezel for the iPhone 5 digitizer panel? The thinner bezel on all sides matches up with the WSJ’s report that the iPhone 5 will feature an edge-to-edge 4-inch display.

I think it’s likely the iPhone 5 will sport a larger display. Android devices with 4-inch displays, like the new Samsung Galaxy S , will be popular this year and anything less than a 4-inch display will leave iPhone fans and technofiles clamoring for more. Bigger is better for most in the mobile display world, just like it is in the HD TV world. I’m not saying everyone wants an iPad in their pocket, but they do want the biggest, most beautiful mobile display possible. The good news is that an edge-to-edge display will get us to 4-inches without needing to increase the size of the phone, it might even be smaller. Bigger and lighter is going to be something we hear over and over again this year. I know I’m hoping for a 4-inch display.

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