The Cdock for iPhone

CdockThe Cdock, designed by James Aloysius of Portland Oregon’s Hatchet Goods, is a horizontal docking station for your iPhone 4 or 4s that transforms your iPhone into a handsom clock or a miniature retro TV. Pair Cdock with an App like Alarm Clock Pro to replace your bedside nemesis, or the clock on your desk at work. It looks great, and you’re charging the whole time.

The Cdock is available in three faceplate options: glossy black resin, white ohh la la resin, brushed aluminum, or walnut. The resin models go for $55, brushed aluminum $65, and walnut will set you back $70. The Cdock ships with a 6′ USB charging cable (U.S. plug), and it’s handmade in beautiful Portland Oregon.

It’s a little on the spendy side, but considering it’s handmade here in the U.S., and that an Apple Dock Connector will cost you $19 – it’s a fair price. posted a nice video review of the Cdock, if you need more convincing. The Cdock, another successful KickStarter project.

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