App Review: Loving Snapseed Photo Editor

SnapseedA Day In The Life of Talented and Inspirational Mobile Photographer Andrew Proudlove by Joanne Carter (@theappwhisperer) is a good read for any aspiring mobile photographer. The article features some of Andrew’s work, and the Apps he uses to manipulate the images he captures – amazing stuff. I’ve only had time to play with a few of the Apps mentioned in the article, but Snapseed (@snapseed) is quickly becoming a new favorite. Snapseed’s UI is intuitive, and it includes a really well thought out feature set. If you’re ready to add another photo App to your collection, Snapseed won’t disappoint.

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One Response to “App Review: Loving Snapseed Photo Editor”
  1. 06.08.2012

    Hi Cale,
    Just wanted to say thanks for linking to my interview over at theappwhisperer, thats very nice of you.

    Also just wanted to say that I am a big fan of Snapseed. Its very easy to just dismiss it if you’re not careful as the simplicity of its interface hides a lot of what its capable of but once you start playing with selective adjustments or the B&W section, you’ll be amazed at what it can do :)

    Brilliant app and definitely should be a part of anyone’s “kit” :)


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