Is blogging still worth the investment of time?

I’ve been finding it hard to carve out the time for writing the longer, more in-depth blog posts, I’ve planned for the palmIT blog. Work is keeping me busy, and if I had time for blogging it would probably be better spent writing for our company blog. The palmIT Facebook PageTwitter stream, and my Google+ account are good channels for sharing the industry news, tidbits, and things I find interesting; and in many ways are good , if not better, substitutes for traditional blogging platforms. Is personal blogging for technology professionals still worth the investment of time? For me, at the moment, it’s hard to justify it.

I still plan on posting longer, more in-depth posts here someday, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Honestly, part of me always ends up thinking the really active bloggers (that aren’t blogging for dollars) should probably be working on other things, or they might be forced into seeing just how hard it is to blog for dollars. Back to work.

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