Thank you for visiting palmIT. I registered palmit.com in 1999 with no clear objective in mind. I was a victim of the Internet bug, and like just about everybody else working in the technology industry, I was registering a domain name for every idea that popped into my head.

palmIT ¬†1.0, until about 2001, was a fairly well designed, reasonably trafficked, and non-profit content site focused on providing Palm OS and CE PDA owners with a resource for finding software, hardware, and informed product reviews. For a couple of years I had some fun running the site in my spare time (which I didn’t have very much of) but it was mostly about tinkering with technology for me. I never really had the time to maintain it let alone build it into anything substantial. So palmIT exploded along with the Internet boom and I took the site down.

palmIT was re-launched in 2002. I found myself missing the forum for writing about technology and how it impacts my everyday life. palmIT is a technology¬†blog that’s focused on all things mobile and social.

Cale Bruckner – Author


Cale Bruckner has been writing about technology and working in the technology industry since 1995. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 1996 with degrees in both Marketing and Management. Residing with his family in the Pacific Northwest he works full-time as the Vice President of Technology for Concentric Sky. Prior to Concentric Sky, Cale was VP Product Development for Palo Alto Software, makers of the popular business planning software Business Plan Pro.

About palmIT

palmIT is authored by Cale Bruckner [LinkedIn], President at Concentric Sky, and former SVP Product Development at Palo Alto Software.

Cale Bruckner

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