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Concentric Sky Launches

Recently, I started working for a great company called Concentric Sky here in beautiful Eugene Oregon. At Concentric Sky, we build innovative web sites, iPhone applications, and a whole lot more.

Concentric Sky has a wealth of technologies at its disposal and we have a great team of developers with decades of combined development experience. A couple of the technologies we have a great deal of experience with are Python and Django.

Recently, we used Django to implement Michael Moore’s new website and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Concentric Sky developed the back-end code for this site in Python/Django with a custom administrative interface and social media aware Content Management System (CMS). The site is optimized for millions of hits per day and it has been humming along nicely since it was launched. You can read more about this project on the Concentric Sky blog.

We have a lot of interesting projects in the works and I look forward to sharing some of them here in the future. Stay tuned!

Email Center Pro – New Video Introduction Launched

I work with a great group of people at Palo Alto Software developing a collaborative email application called Email Center Pro. Today, we unveiled a new video that introduces the service – it’s featured on We love the video,it’s fantastic, we’ve watched it dozens of times – it does a great job of communicating the problem Email Center Pro solves. Take a look and tell me what you think.
Credit: Principals – Jason Gallic (Email Center Pro Marketing Manager) worked with Christian Martel Atelier Transfert Design to produce the movie.

History of the Internet

Do you want to brush up on the history of the Internet? IF(ANSWER=TRUE, “watch this”, “don’t”).

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

Palin Rap

I got a kick out of this on Saturday night. Way to go SNL.

Where’s the Exit?

Venture-backed startups are scratching their heads looking for the liquidity EXIT. M&As and IPOs are unheard of these days. Last year the M&A EXIT was the rage. Is the liquidity drought going to slow the innovation cycle down?
TechCrunch posted on the liquidity drought today. IMO – the liquidity drought, at least in the short-term, is a good thing. I think it will force startups back to the “business basics” earlier in the startup process. Forcing startups to think about the basics like – when will we turn a profit?

Zakaria on Palin

Zakaria on Palin. Right on.

Google Audio Indexing – Finally

I’m excited about Google’s “Gaudi” initiative. Google announced yesterday that they’re going to start indexing the audio content on YouTube. Why is that cool? Because, it’s going to make YouTube content a lot easier to search. New features will also allow you to jump to the specific time index in a video where the sounte bite you searched for begins. Searchable YouTube content is cool but I’m more excited about what this means for the future of search and the semantic web.

SNL Palin and Clinton Talk Sexism

For Luke, a Palin fan.

Everymoment Counts

Everymoment Now is providing a new view of the 2008 general election. Excellent graphs shed some light on the media trends surrounding the general election a little more visible. The graph on the home page caught my attention for a minute or two. Plans are in the works to make use of the technology and ideas behind the site beyond the general election.

The current version of Everymoment Now is focused on the 2008 US General Election. When the election is complete we’ll have 100 days of data leading up to November 4th. We feel that being able to look back over the election, to see where media shifts occurred and what stories had the greatest impact on the final outcome is pretty important and powerful.

Everymoment Now 

Executive Ecucation and Spelling

I’m can be a terrible speller and average wordsmith so I try to make the effort to always run the spellchecker and have my more important documents edited by somebody other than me. A poorly prepared document can reflect badly on you or your organization. Below, is a good example of a document that should have received a little extra attention before it was sent to thousands of people. I’m sure I’m not the only one that was surprised to see a misspelling like this from the U.C. Berkeley Center for Executive Education.

UC Berkeley 


iPhone 2.01 Update Available

A funny thing just happened to me. I’m on the phone with Apple Technical Support (right now) trying to get my 1st GEN iPhone to work again and I noticed that the 2.0.1 update is now available. The really funny part of this little story is that the Apple Technical Support Representative was totally surprised. He had no idea it was going to be made available today. I just about busted up on the phone.

iPhone 3G Availability

If you happen to be pining away for a 3G iPhone (I’m not) you can visit this link to check iPhone availability. Apple updates the page throughout the day so I think it’s fairly accurate.

My Wife’s Brain

Well, this isn’t the kind of picture of a loved one you get to see everyday. My wife is about to have surgery for an ear condition and a CAT Scan was part of the pre-opp. Wow. Weird. You can even see her hair in this. A picture like this should be in every family photo album.

iPhone 2.0 update = FRUSTRATION

iPhone Battery

Friday, July 11th, I loved Apple and hated Apple. I hated Apple because the iPhone 2.0 update bricked my iPhone for a good part of the morning. Restarting iTunes over and over again, hoping for a connection to the Apple update server, isn’t my idea of a good time. I loved Apple for the App Store and adding Microsoft Exchange support to the iPhone.

By the end of the day, I was impressed, and felt good about the update. I was still an Apple fan.

After having spent the weekend with the update I’m frustrated. Battery life is a problem for me now and it wasn’t before and for some reason the phone likes to shut down completely when I leave it alone for too long. Most likely, some of these problems can be attributed to one, or more,  of the 3rd party applications I downloaded from the App Store. But shouldn’t Apple do a better job of protecting the core of the phone from poorly written App Store applications? After all, they do a pretty job of protecting the core of the U.I. from poorly written applications.

iPhone 2.0 might have more bling but iPhone 1.0 was a better phone. iPhone 2.0 will get better with time but I won’t be too surprised if some people want their iPhone 1.0 back. Did Apple add too much bling to iPhone 2.0? Apple, remember this, in the end – it’s a phone. Still an Apple fan.

3G iPhone?

3G iPhonePogue, Mossberg, and Baig 3G iPhone reviews appear. Shiver me timbers. What’s the verdict? Good summary of their reactions over on CNET’s Crave blog. Personally, I think I’m going to see if the software upgrade for my 1st generation iPhone can meet my needs before I consider the upgrade. Also, I’m kind of interested in finding out how long my 1st generation iPhone can take the abuse before it fails.

What are you going to do?


Wall-e I had the opportunity to see Pixar’s new animated movie WALL-E over the July 4th weekend. The movie was an absolute pleasure to watch for me and my kids. Hancock was good but WALL-E was better.

WALL-E has it all – a great story, amazing animation, great sound, robot love, and creativity packed into every second. WALL-E is also a delivery platform for an important message. The movie makes it very clear that if we don’t do something to change our “Buy Everything Large” way of living that we’re going to destroy our planet. The movie makers aren’t subtle about delivering this message. Earth is a trash pit no longer capable of supporting life, humans are so large they can’t walk anymore, we’ve lost the ability to read and communicate, and robots have to do just about everything for us. The message is presented in a fun way, targeted more at the adults in the theater, so my kids didn’t quite get it but it gave us something to talk about later. It’s a scary message and I think the timing for it is perfect. I applaud the makers of WALL-E for using their success to get this message out. I just hope people listen.

SIDE NOTE: I wonder if the makers of the movie signed-off on the cheap WALL-E watches the theaters were giving out to the kids opening weekend? I’m guessing that more than 1/2 of them are already in the trash headed for a landfill.

On my way home … later SF

On my way home … later SF, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

Photo of San Francisco produced with some help from my -soon to be out
dated- iPhone.

One less SUV

One less SUV, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

Pondering what?

Pondering what?, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

Stanford Executive Training In Progress

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