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The Beatles – now available on iTunes – Yawn

Apple Is Such A Tease, And We Took The Bait

The Wall Street Journal was right. Apple’s “big” announcement was that a band which broke up in 1970 was finally allowing its music to be sold in the iTunes store. -via

Glad to have The Beatles available on iTunes, but I was hoping for more. What was I hoping for? A Verizon iPhone. Or, iTunes everywhere.

Iron Maiden 757

My 1st concert experience – Iron Maiden at the Cow Palace in Daily City CA. I was frankly surprised to find out that the guys are still touring and in a big way. Good post over on the Laughing Squid about their customized 757 Ed Force One. Bruce Dickinson, the lead rocker, is the pilot. Can you believe that! blogTO has more pictures of the plane up in Canada. Oh, you can book a fligh on Ed Force One if you feel like flying with Bruce.

Worst album art covers ever!

The worst album art covers ever! – Easy Album Art

I’m a freak about keeing my iTunes library organized and part of that includes making sure all of my music is properly cloaked in the right album artwork. = easy album artwork. Type the name of an artist or a song and they’ll almost always have the album art available.


iTunes album artwork tip: You can drag images from a webpage (off of search results for example) to the artwork window in iTunes to add or update the artwork associatd with any song.



I started using Pandora, a streaming music player that builds play lists for you to match your taste, a couple of weeks ago and I’m still using it. I built a few stations based on artists that I like and Pandora streams similar music to my headset. It’s pretty cool and I’ve discovered some new artists using the service. It gets smarter too as you use the simple thumbs up and thumbs down system to tell it what you like and don’t like. Over in the right-side column of this blog’s home page you can see a list of the stations I’ve built so far – click on any of them to start your Pandora experience.

Pandora | About | Blog | TechCrunch related to Pandora

KEXP Streams!


10 tuned me into KEXP, a hip Seattle music station that’s really using the Web well to connect with their listeners and find new ones. I don’t usually listen to streaming music, my iPod if filled to the rim with bits and beats, but KEXP has taste and I’ve been enjoying their playlist. Well done. Check it out friends.

Microsoft Monitor – Yahoo! Music Service

Microsoft Monitor: Yahoo! Plays Janus
David Card gives an excellent take on the new Yahoo! music subscription service. It’s a must-read post.

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