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Cars in Eugene OR

Cars in Eugene OR, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

The Country Fair is coming to Eugene this month and with it come
interesting people and their cars.

BIG Blog Post – Green? Say It!

Are you running a “Green” business? Are you building “Green” products? Is the brightness of your “Greenness” important to your customer?

Read the rest of this post over on the Business in General (BIG) Blog – a small business oriented blog I contribute to on a regular basis.

Skull Bright

Skull Bright, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

I finally got around to posting a few of my favorite Halloween 07 photos to my Flickr account. Check out my Halloween 07 Flickr set.

Pumpkins For Sale

Pumpkins For Sale, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

Fall is in full swing here in Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest. The pumpkin patch is one of my favorite places to explore with my camera in hand. The pumpkins contrast with the other fall colors to create lots of fantastic opportunities to capture the light. I took this picture at a popular patch in Pleasant Hill Oregon – Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm. Enjoy Fall – capture it with your camera!

Yachats Oregon – Goodnight

Yachats Oregon, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

One more shot – almost dark by this point. Long exposure and tripod mounted. The rocks and the tidal pools here are a great place to spend the day. See my Flickr for a few more. Had a great weekend in Yachats Oregon. Goodnight.

Yachats Oregon – Coastline

Yachats Oregon – Coastline, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

The rocks off of the Yachats coastline a little after sunset. A great place to play.

Yachats Oregon

Yachats Oregon, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

We spent the weekend playing on the beautiful Oregon coast near Yachats. Great weather, good food, and great friends. Had an opportunity to take some interesting long exposure shots as well.

Canoing on Sparks Lake in Oregon

Sparks Lake, Oregon, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

We left Saturday morning for an overnight camping trip on Spark Lake in Eastern Oregon. Unfortunately, we ended up driving back late Saturday night – constant rain Saturday afternoon and into the evening soaked us and spending the night in wet tents (with a bunch of little kids) wasn’t what he had in mind. It was a short trip but worth the effort. Canoing on Sparks is always a treat and the views of Mt. Bachelor (pictured above in the background) are always spectacular. Highly recommended. – best paddled in a BELL canoe.


Reflections, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

I like the way this turned out. Shot here in Eugene, Oregon – by me.

Eugene Oregon – eugene.oregon.commentary

I’ve been thinking a little (and I do mean a little ; ) about how I can make this blog more interesting for people other than myself. The thought process leading up to my idea looked something like this – I was mowing the lawn at the time.
>> it’s starting to rain
>> I can’t believe people are coming to my site looking for Andy Milonakis
>> how can I provide more value than that?
>> mowing this lawn every week is a drag – but I love my yard
>> I love Eugene …
>> hey, maybe I should start posting some pictures of Eugene
>> yeah, pictures and insider information, tips and tricks
>> running out of gas, need to refill mower
>> stupid blog
Amazing – right? So that’s it, I created a new commentary category called eugene.oregon.commentary. From time to time I’ll post cool pictures of Eugene here and insider tips for people interested in Eugene.
1st picture. Historic! This is a picture I snapped of a building above the Caspian Cafe on 13th street near the U of O. We don’t eat at Caspian, we prefer the Sienna Cafe next door – I took this picture because it was the 1st time I noticed the building above Caspian and I thought that made it cool.

eugene.oregon.commentary Building on 13th

Update 06/03/06 – changed category label from eugene.oregon.commentary to northwestliving.commentary

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