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Drug-Resistant Staph


Drug-Resistant Staph is getting a lot of attention these days. The recent death of a 17-year-old high school student in VA pushed the nasty bacteria back into the spotlight. MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is now an enemy of the state, like a Bin Laden, and on the minds of most anxious parents and primetime news show producers. The New York Times put together a good MRSA overview yesterday – Drug-Resistant Staph: What You Need to Know.

Now would be a good time to invest in companies that deal in anti-bacterial hand wash products. Now would be a bad time to be a Pediatrician or a school custodian. Wash your hands, don’t touch the door handle in public bathrooms, and don’t touch other people ; ) Most don’t wash their hands in the bathroom.

Name Our Baby

We have kids and we’re fortunate to have another one on the way. I don’t talk about my family here on palmit.commentary and I intend to keep it that way – no, you can’t name our baby. I go a kick out of this Blaugh comic though – not too far from reality for some blogging parents. Don’t let your community name your baby and don’t optimize your baby name for Google search ranking.
Skyping Baby Names

Father’s Day Picaboo Photo Book

Picabook Photo Book

It’s Father’s Day here in the United States today and my most excellent family surprised me with a beautiful photo book from The photo book is hard-bound and the photo pages are excellent quality. My wife was able to insert her own custom captions and text to give the book a very personal touch. This is the 1st time we’ve used an on-line service for something like this and we’re both impressed with the quality of the book and Picaboo’s service as well. A friend passed a promotion code over to my wife last month so she gave it a shot – we got a $29.99 photo book for $8.99 including shipping – great deal. We’re also planning on giving competing sevices like Scrapblog and Blurb a shot. I’d really like to get more of our pictures off of the computer and back into the real-world where people can enjoy it. Happy Father’s Day Dads!

Children’s Paper Chair

Children's Paper ChairI think I’m going to build one or two of these things for my kids – looks pretty simple. A great way to spool up a few weeks ; ) worth of art work for the archives. Children’s Paper Chair by Charlotte Friis Studios. Charlotte – make it easier for people to buy on-line.

Top 10 Reasons Geeks Make Great Fathers

Top 10 Reasons Geeks Make Good (No Great!) Fathers

I got a laugh out of this – it’s all too true.

BabyWunder Transparent Toilet


Don’t miss that “magic moment” – Babywunder Deluxe. Do NOT buy one of these transparent toilets for your child – he or she will forever be disappointed with toilets that aren’t transparent – normal toilets. I guess you could get a head-start on numbers by counting raisins on the log ; ) I bet Wonder Woman used something like this.


Where was the Funhaler when I really needed it? My wife and I have always had (well it’s better now) a difficult time getting our kids to use an inhaler. Thanks Infamed – looks like fun.
[credit to: Gizmodo]

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