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PalmIT Podcast #2 – Thoughts on Japan

I thought it would be a good idea to podcast some of my thoughts on my recent trip to Japan before I lose track of the details. So here we go, my 2nd podcast.

Podcast LinkPalmIT Podcast #2 - Thoughts on Japan (14:15)
Flickr: Japan 2005 Photoset
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IMG_2230 Toto toilet control – beware squirting stream

IMG_2560 Akihabara – gadgets galore

IMG_2589 Awesome Phones

PalmIT Podcast #1 – It’s a First

I produced the 1st PalmIT podcast tonight – It’s a First – and I had a great time doing it. It isn’t long, it doesn’t feature anybody famous, and it doesn’t have any special effects to offer but it’s a 1st and worth a listen. I hope to do more in the future – we’ll see where this goes.

Podcast LinkPalmIT Podcast #1 – It’s A First (7:44) PalmIT Podcast Feed PalmIT Podcast Feed

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