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Highgear Summit Watch

product_highgearsummit.jpgI clicked the "Buy Now" now button next to another Highgear altimeter watch (1st Highgear) a couple of weeks ago on Sierra Trading Post and I just love it. It’s a Highgear Summit, last year’s model, but I got it for about half of what this year’s model would have cost me.

I don’t really use the bulk of the more advanced features (altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer) but having the compass makes it easier for me to back-up the "we’re not lost" position with my wife and it’s a great starter for conversations about the weather ;)

Simple Sneakers

Simple SneakersI ordered a pair of Simple Sneakers today from Sierra Trading Post – they were on sale for $23.95. I saved over 60% ; ) STP is a great place for deals on shoes and clothes for that matter.

Simple – a nice little shoe company (their slogan) – is cool and I felt like taking a pair of their kicks for a spin. It’s my 1st pair of Simple shoes – we’ll see what happens.

Simple Home | History | Blog

Vader / Bush Shirt from
Quality TEEs that are sweatshop FREE. Just purchased the Vader / Bush shirt.

HIGHGEAR Aerial – Watch/Altimeter/Barometer/Thermometer

HighGear Aerial

Last week, I was browsing REI-Outlet for a watch to replace my aging and stinky Timex Expedition and I came across a cool looking watch made by a company called HIGHGEAR (never heard of it) that I just couldn’t pass up for the money. For $59 I replaced my Timex with a HIGHGEAR Aerial that includes an: Altimeter, Barometer (weather center), Thermometer, and a top-notch Chronograph (the only feature I really need), and it looks cool on top of all of that. It’s a little big for my thin wrist but somehow the yellow makes it look a little smaller than it actually is. Sadly, (for you) the yellow model was selling at a reduced price on my favorite website (REI-Outlet) – if you want something like this it will cost you $100+.

Garmin GPS V

So I mentioned in a previous post that I stumbled onto a sport called GeoCaching – I neglected however to talk at all about the GPS navigator I purchased and my fans are screaming! Actually, I don’t have any fans, I made that up. With that said, here is short commentary on the GPS navigator I chose.
I did some research and settled on the trustworthy (although somewhat dated) Garmin V.

Garmin V


  • I like having the option to use it in landscape or portrait mode. It sits on my dash so the landscape option is convenient. A lot of the other handhelds don’t support this well.
  • It was cheap! I paid about $225 Amazon dollars for this.
  • It shipped with a 12-volt adapter for the car, as well as a slick locking-mount that sits nicely on my dash.
  • This was an important one – it comes with a full-unlock for MapSource City Select. Most of the newer handhelds don’t come with the software – you can pretty quickly spend more than $400 on a new handheld, the software, and the basic accessories.
  • It’s rugged and water-resistant to 5 meters – fits my multi-purpose mission.
  • I live in Oregon – the 19 megabytes of storage and the slower processor can handle this state.

I’ve been using the Garmin V for a few weeks now and it’s one of those great buys – you know, they’re rare and far between, you end up feeling like you should send the manufacturer some more money. This unit cost about $500 a couple of years ago so it’s a bargain today at $225. The automatic turn-by-turn route planning feature is great and I love the trip computer. I even take it running with me on occasion to confirm my distance. At night the thing even has a cool backlight feature that almost makes the screen look like it’s color. I’m rambling now. You can look at the complete spec on the Garmin site or view this handly tour movie if you’re interested in knowing more.
I highly recommend this unit to anybody interested in adding a GPS navigator to their arsenal of toys.

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