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Your blog stinks when …

You know your blog is really starting to stink when your Google Adsense ads are all public service announcements sponsored by Google. It’s really starting to feel like the blog is being replaced by the popular social media tools and more recently social media aggregators like friendfeed. Steve Makofsky over at furrygoat 2.0 is feeling it too – Whither the Blog?

Subprime Foreclosures Illustrated

The New York Times designed this excellent chart to illustrate the subprime foreclosure mess.

Subprime Foreclosures 

Tag Galaxy – a new way to search Flickr

Tag Galaxy provides a very visual tag-based search tool for Flickr – check it out. IMO Google really needs to start working (they probably already are) on more visual search tools like this for the Web. Browsing search results like this provides a better, or at least more interesting, user experience. If Google is working on this kind of thing – they should start releasing some of the work as Google Labs projects. DIGG also sports cool visual search tools. WARNING: Tag Galaxy was built by Germans so watch out for David Hasselhoff avatars.


TransferBigFiles – another cool way to quickly transfer a large file. looks like a really cool tool for simple large file transfers. File transfers up to 100mb are free. enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.”

Searching Gmail

Great tips on using search operators to improve your Gmail searches. Now if I could only remember a few of these.

Lists of Twittering journalists – good people to Follow

Thanks to for lists of Twittering journalists part 1 and part 2. I’m following a few of these now.


Viewzi, a new visual search engine, looks promising. I’m surprised Google isn’t playing around with visual search more – text heavy search results aren’t going to last forever.

The airline industry is stupid …

Surf Report: Ed Cone talks about the stupid airline industry.
I agree with Ed – the airline industry is stupid. I recently had a similar experience on a United flight but I was one of the guys that paid (in advance) for the Economy Plus seat. Tall people (I’m 6′ 5″) think about these kinds of things in advance ; ) By the way Ed – I would have been pretty pissed if they let people move into the Economy Plus seats that didn’t pay for the extra inch. I’m pretty sure smarter airlines will start to emerge from this mess.

My money is on Craigslist

eBay Vs. Craigslist - my money is on Craigslist

*More* button just added to Google Maps

A *More* button was just added to Google Maps. Clicking *More* gives you the option of displaying Wikipedia articles associated with the map you’re viewing and photos from Panoramio. Google Maps just gets better. Love it. Read more about the *More* button.

firefly demo on

Wow, take a look at the firefly demo Dave Winer has up on – neat. firefly makes it easy for you to interact with the other people viewing the web page you’re on.

New Google Reader for iPhone

Cool new Google Reader iPhone interface available at Big improvement over the previous version.

R2-D2 Projector / Awsome

R2-D2 projector featured on Gizmodo. Awesome. Watch the video.

South Park Internet Stars Massacre

Internet Stars slaughtered in South Park episode. Farewell Tron Guy.

Update: Bummer, they pulled the video.


Noah pointed me towards twhirl - an Adobe Air Twitter client. Pretty cool implementation. I’m still a big fan of the Firefox Twitterbar add-on for its’ simplicity.

Speed Demon Photography

Surf over to and check out the amazing action shots submitted for thier photo contest. Sprinting greyhound by EcoShow is my favorite.

demoreel postproded

Discovered at Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection whiile surfing the bits.

Quick Tabs in IE 7

Using Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer 7.0 [Microsoft]

Tab through thumbnail images of your opens tabs – helful if you frequently have multiple  tabs open in IE. 

Crazy Frog Bros

Crazy Frog Bros! The kid in the red shirt dances just like me! 998,848 views as of 10/20/06 – did they make any money from this? 50 cents a view and they’d be rich – that’s 1/6 the cost of a ringtone. A lot of companies are profitting from citizen journalism.

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