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Posterous iPhone App Released

Posterous is getting a lot of attention, and props today for their new iPhone App – and it’s well deserved – Posterous implemented well, with a focus on making the posting workflow as easy as possible. I have a Posterous blog, it’s a place where I can post random thoughts and snippets – the new iPhone App will make it easier than ever for me to keep it current. If you’re looking for an easy way to set up a blog you’ll use, give Posterous a shot.

FriendFeed and Twitter ROI for Robert Scoble?

Social Media by Flickr user Thomas HawkMichael Arrington over at TechCrunch thinks Robert Scoble needs a FriendFeed intervention. Michael believes Scoble’s reputation as a "blogger" is suffering because he’s spending too much time on FriendFeed and Twitter and not enough time on his blog. On Twitter Robert has nearly 45,000 followers and has written over 16,000 messages. On Friendfeed Robert has nearly 23,000 subscribers.

Scoble responds to the attempted intervention on his blog and on FriendFeed.

What do I think? I applaud Scoble for risking his reputation as a blogger to put the wider social network and micro-blogging to the test. I think Scoble has increased his influence in 2008 by establishing himself (and his brand) on FriendFeed and Twitter. I don’t think it will take much effort on his part to get his Web 1.0 blog numbers back up again – if that’s what he wants to do. I think Arrington is probably jealous that Scoble (essentially a one man shop) has him beat on the FriendFeed and Twitter metrics. Arrington is probably looking at 2009 wondering how he can catch up ; )

Keep up the good work Robert! I think your investment in FriendFeed and Twitter will pay off. Twitter Integration, a nicely implemented file transfer service, just added support for Twitter. Now users can set up a drop to update tweet when it changes. Pretty cool. The cool guys at are calling it You add just about anything to a drop, even a voice mail, so the use cases are pretty endless.

ScribeFire / Testing / Testing

This is a test post from the ScribeFire FireFox blogging add-on. I took ScribeFire for a spin a year ago and found that it didn’t quite meet my needs but they’ve improved it a lot since then so I’m taking it around the block again.

ScribeFire, an extension of FireFox,
enables users to easily drag and drop formatted text from the Web into
their blog(s), post entries, take notes, and optimize their ad
inventory, directly through the Firefox browser.

iPhone 2.0 / emailing a geotagged picture to Flickr

Emailing a geotagged picture to Flickr doesn’t work.
I’ve been trying to send geotagged pictures to my Flickr account via email. Guess what. iPhone 2.0 strips the EXIF data (that’s where the geo tag is) out of the picture before it emails it. Dumb. Why? Security? iPhone users are way past the security issue. Flickr users are talking about it here. I hope Apple fixes this soon.
Update: lockergnome pointed me towards AirMe (available on Apple’s AppStore) for geotagged uploads to Flickr.

Your blog stinks when …

You know your blog is really starting to stink when your Google Adsense ads are all public service announcements sponsored by Google. It’s really starting to feel like the blog is being replaced by the popular social media tools and more recently social media aggregators like friendfeed. Steve Makofsky over at furrygoat 2.0 is feeling it too – Whither the Blog?

Puppet Interviews – Dove Deeper

During the lunch break here at the Webvisions event I dove a little deeper into Loren Feldman’s “Puppet Interviews” series and discovered this gem. – The Mike Arrington Show (embeded below). Man, my stomach was in knots by the time I finished watching this.

and now compare it with the real deal

Obama Ads

I really don’t like the fact that Google Adsense is dumping “Obama Exposed” ads on my blog. I’m an Obama supporter and I’m about to pull Adsense from my blog because of this. Is there anything I can do in my Adsense setup to solve this problem? Maybe the new Ad Review Center will do the trick for me. Maybe I can switch out the “Obama Exposed” ads for the “Impeach Bush” ads ; )

Lists of Twittering journalists – good people to Follow

Thanks to for lists of Twittering journalists part 1 and part 2. I’m following a few of these now.

Applause: Blaine Cook

I’m clapping for Blaine Cook, x lead architect for Twitter, and I’d like to thank Blaine for all the hard work he put into making Twitter what it is today. Twitter may be experiencing some growing pains but I think Blaine is catching more flack for the problems this week than he deserves. Throw out a Tweet for Blain and thank him for all of his hard work – attach the hash tag #thankyoublainecook. Blain’s website – includes phone number and email address if you’re looking for his contact info.

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Breaking: palmit.commentary acquired by New York Times

I’m pleased to announce that palmit.commentary has been acquired by the New York Times for an undisclosed amount of (love that smell) cash.
The New York Times, smartly, rushed palmit.commentary to the top of their list of blogs to acquire. As many of you know, they just acquired the blog Freakonomics. More blog acquisitions are expected as part of the recently updated New York Times “stay relevant” business strategy. The acquisition was quick and painless – the whole transaction happened via PayPal and IM.
We’re working on integrating palmit.commmentary into the New York Times design template for acquired blogs. They said something about needing to spell-check my blog and make it look more like a newspaper but I expect to see my content on The New York Times soon. It will probably look a lot like this [[ acquired blog template]]

comScore Releases Facebook Metrics


comScore recently released updated Facebook metrics. The 25-34 age group is growing faster than any other group – 181% year-over-year. Obviously, open registration and a very developer friendly platform are contributing to this growth. The Facebook crew has managed to almost double their unique visitors year-over-year – 26.6 million visitors in May 2007. I’ve started building my Facebook profile. Have you?


Name Our Baby

We have kids and we’re fortunate to have another one on the way. I don’t talk about my family here on palmit.commentary and I intend to keep it that way – no, you can’t name our baby. I go a kick out of this Blaugh comic though – not too far from reality for some blogging parents. Don’t let your community name your baby and don’t optimize your baby name for Google search ranking.
Skyping Baby Names

Techmeme vs. Scoble’s Link Blog

logo design
Techmeme is great but Robert Scoble’s Google Reader powered Link Blog,’s Shared Items, is better. My Google Reader “For Morning Coffee” folder includes both the Techmeme feed and’s Shared items feed so I have a lot of caffeinated experience with both feeds. 9 times out of 10 I prefer the content in Scoble’s Link Blog. Why? I think it’s the human element. Why scan through the Techmeme feed and others for the highlights when Robert can do it for me ; ) I call it the ScobleMeme. ScobleMeme, like TechMeme, isn’t for everyone. Thanks Robert!

Scobleizer – My favorite 35 feeds for the past month

Google buys Feedburner for $100M

According to TechCrunch Google is in the closing stages of acquiring Feedburner for $100M. This is a great acquisition for Google because it provides them with more real estate for ads – rss feeds. Google continues to impress me with their acquisition strategy.
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Valleywag – Arrington = Mickey Mouse

I got a kick out of reading this Valleywag post that pokes fun at Michael Arrington for being down on the valley. Poor guy.

MICHAEL ARRINGTON: The genie is out of the bottle – Valleywag

Arrington is like Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia: as did the cartoon character in the Disney movie, the Techcrunch founder has cast a spell that’s gone wrong; and it’s too late to put the magic back in the bottle.

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Matt Mullenweg Interview – Webware

Interesting video interview with Matt Mullenweg (WordPress / Automatic) up at Webware. It’s always interesting to hear what guys like Matt think about the future of blogging and software in general.

Matt Mullenweg: Wizard of WordPress, part 1

Matt Mullenweg: Wizard of WordPress, part 2

Is my blog boring? The cute kittens don’t think so.

Hi, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

According to Scoble your blog is boring if you resort to posting cute pictures of cats for traffic. Is he right?

This is a picture of a couple kittens I took at the Green Hill Humane Society.

Cute? Or, boring?

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Cory Doctorow writes about dealing with jerks in your community

How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community by Cory Doctorow

Related to my previous post, Death Threat Shutters "Creating Passionate Users" Blog, that discussed Kathy Sierra’s unfortunate decision to leave blogging because hostile jerks invaded her community. A good read for any blogger.

In extreme cases, you end up with the kind of notorious mess that Kathy Sierra found herself in, in which trolls directed such bilious, threatening noise towards a harmless advocate for "passionate users" in web-applications that she withdrew from speaking at O’Reilly’s Emerging Tech conference. – Cory Doctorow


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Death Threat Shutters “Creating Passionate Users” Blog

A series of death threats are forcing Kathy Sierra, Creating Passionate Users blogger, to shutter her popular blog. This is unfortunate. Kathy provided (unlike a lot of bloggers) real value in her posts. I’m a software developer and business person – I often found inspiration and useful knowledge in her posts. Kathy provides some chilling details in this post about the nature of the threats. I’m surprised to see the names of some of the people involved/associated with this.

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