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Conversation: Value of the Long Tail

Conversation going on over at about the value of the long tail.

High School 2.0 – Calacanis / Denton Style

Dave, a Techcrunch commenter, has it right – the cat fighting between Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton is High School 2.0 and the related Techcrunch post by Michael Arrington reads like an article out of the student-run school paper. On the other hand we’re all reading it so doesn’t that just make us a bunch of High School students? I appreciate Mike’s coverage of the spat and enjoy reading about the more colorful side of the business sometimes. The comments associated with Mike’s post are even more colorful ; ) – locker talk.
Messing around with Jason, IMO, isn’t smart. He’s well connected, visible, smart, and rich. Andrew Baron crossed him (listen to this TWit podcast) once and I think that might have marked the beginning of RocketBoom’s trouble. Flame-out.
Nick’s post “Netscape: The Calacanis Effect” gets it started
Jason starts firing back with “My favorite blogger/blog of the moment…

Scoble Style

My friend Pat McCarthy did a fantastic job outlining a talk Robert Scoble and Maryam Scoble gave recently at the Blog Business Summit titled Fifteen Ways to a Killer Blog. This isn’t exactly new but I thought it was worth passing on.

Blinkx Walls Rock – Here’s my “Bush Terror” wall

Blinkx, the video search engine, is sporting a cool new tool that lets you post a “Wall” of video to your blog or website. The “Wall” is made up of independent looping video clips which are produced as a result of your video search query. It’s a cool tool and fun play around with. The “Wall” below was produced by searching Blinkx for “bush terror.” The really cool thing about this is that the wall will update itself as the Blinkx search spider finds more relevant content. Create your own “Wall” at Blinkx.

The Power Blogging Business Travelers Have

Blogs About Business Travel Begin to Feel the Power – New York Times
Interesting article in the New York Times about blogging business travelers and how they’re changing the industry. The author should have given Google and the other search engines (are there others ; ) some credit IMO. The industry is responding to bloggers because nobody wants a search on “Hotel Name” to include a negative blog post in the top-10 search results. I think it’s kind of cool that reviews from the fringe (de-centralized resources) have this kind of power. In the past, I’d go to Expedia or a similar service to read reviews on Hotels – now because of the power of modern search engines content from the fringe can make it into the mainstream.

Technorati Unplugged

Ryan Is Hungry – A Behind The Scenes Look At Technorati – a cool perspective from the people that bring you Technorati. 


vox, six apart, sixapart 

Wow, is sporting a very slick collection of templates for websites, flash applications, and a lot more. Pimp your WordPress powered site. Didn’t see any templates for MovableType powered sites. I like how every template has a "Unique Price" – a price, that if paid, yanks the template off the site.


I registered at coComment tonight. coComment, short story, is designed to help you track the comments you post in the blogosphere. Sounds useful. I’ve lost track of most of the comments I’ve posted in the blogosphere and typically I loose track of any conversations I was following within a day or two. Maybe coComment can help me do a better job of staying involved in the conversation. We’ll see.

I added a coComment widget over in the right-side column. Comments I make in the blogosphere, from this point forward, should start showing up.

Conversations are an important part of blogging. I’m glad to see the recent activity in this space. coComment has some competition – co.mments and Commentful.

Ted Stevens’ – Tubes

It’s a series of tubes. And if you don’t understand those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and its going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material. – Ted Steven’s – Internet famous.

Transcript of his now historical Internet “Tubes” speach.

The Internet is a Series of Tubes song – temporarily pulled by MySpace.

and it continues …

and it continues … Flickr’s Error Page

tubes-clogged.jpg Flame-out

RocketBustI’m not going to say a whole lot about the soap opera (he said, she said) that’s unfolding in front of the entire blogoshere because everybody else (scoble, techcrunch) has more interesting things to say about it. The part that interests me the most about it are Jason Calcanis’ efforts to get Amanda Congdon ( hostess) signed on to the Netscape employee list. Interesting because I thought Jason and Andrew Baron (owns 51% of really went after each other during a recent TWIT (#57) session. Jason has got to be loving the way this is playing out.

Update: and it keeps getting better – now with cool comic from 


Gnomdex6 Live

Gnomedex6 (July 29th – July 1st) – I’m not at the conference but I’m listening to the live stream. Props to Chris for streaming the conference live – video included through the keynote. Chris’ blog is is updating with conference content as it progresses.

Gnomedex6 Listen Live

Prediction: Scoble Launches Vlogging Craze

Scoble is going to launch vlogging (and into orbit. I spent some time with my surfboard tonight – surfing the vlog waves – there’s a lot of crap out there but there’s also some really good stuff flying around. Pioneers like Amanda Congdon (Rocketboom) are doing pretty good for themselves already – we’re talking about 85K a week in advertising revenue and 300,000 visitors a day. I’m looking forward to watching this space as it develops.


Scoble – IMO

Scoble, the uber blogger, is leaving Microsoft for Silicon Valley start-up News of Scoble’s decision to leave Microsoft rocked the blogosphere over the weekend and it will continue to monopolize the conversation through the week. In fact, the jolt and the resulting traffic was significant enough to knock off-line for a while. IMO, Microsoft should have done a lot more (there’s a price) to keep him around. Seriously, Scoble is Microsoft in the blogosphere and I can’t see how they’re going to fill the void – Channel9 was just a small part of what he did for them. Big mistake Microsoft – you can’t afford to loose guys like Robert. Best wishes Robert!

Related: Scoble is Leaving Microsoft – Chris Pirillo (good "buzz" outline/link list


Comments Enabled

SPAMThe commenting system is back up – I pulled it down because I was getting burried in comment SPAM. Please try not to hit the server all at once ; )

Actually, I re-enabled the system over the weekend. I’ve been watching the comment SPAM traffic for the last 24 hours to see if my work made a difference. I think it did.

What did I do to reduce the SPAM volume? I spent some time further customizing and configuring the already powerful SPAM blocking features included with MovableType 3.2. Additionally, I installed Brad Choate’s free MT-DSBL plugin. MT-DSBL uses real-time DNS lookups to determine if the commenter’s IP address is listed as an open proxy. I configured it to automatically "junk" any comments coming from an open proxy and this seems to be helping. I also spent some time reviewing my collection of junk for popular keywords – which I added to my keywords filter.

For the moment, my comment SPAM volume has been reduced to a manageable level. 

Comments Disabled (Again)

I disabled the commenting system again. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to implement more of the comment spam blocking strategies discussed in Six Apart‘s (this is a MovableType powered blog) Guide to Combatting Commenting Spam.

Comments Enabled

Comments enabled. Comment spam … grrr.

State of the Blogosphere Posted

Impressive growth (chart: cumulative weblogs) in the blogosphere. Are MySpace blogs included in these stats? And I thought it was slowing down.

State of the Blogosphere, April 2006 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth

Summary: (Quoted from original article)

  • Technorati now tracks over 35.3 Million blogs
  • The blogosphere is doubling in size every 6 months
  • It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago
  • On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day
  • 19.4 million bloggers (55%) are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created
  • Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour


Winer To Quit Blogging – Maybe?

Dave Winer – why I will stop blogging – is causing a lot of commotion in the blogosphere. No Dave, No! Mike Arrington (Crunch Notes) but it looks like this isn’t the 1st time he’s talked about shutting down his blog. Maybe he’ll keep the WordPress version of Scripting News going or maybe he’s just crying out for more appreciation.

Related: Too much blogging? The noisy tragedy of the blog commons (Seth), Overwhelmed … (Scobleizer)

Read More…




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