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my iPod 5g – Continued

ipodI ordered my 5g iPod back in October and my 1st impressions were great. It wasn’t my 1st iPod, I was upgrading from a 4g model. I’m still happy with my black 5g 40G iPod but I’ve got some gripes.

5g iPod Grips from a Recommender:

  • It does scratch too easily. I don’t support the idea of suing Apple over scratching (or potential for hearing loss) but they should be working to remedy this. I hope it doesn’t come out someday that they engineered scratching into the iPod to support the iPod ecosystem. Cleaning up a scratched iPod
  • Watching video on the iPod isn’t something you want to do often. My wife and I have been watching the new Battlestar Galactica series on my iPod (we don’t get the SciFi channel) and it was fun for a few episodes but it’s getting old.
  • Battery life, especially if you’re watching video, is terrible – you can just barely watch a full-length movie on a full charge and that’s with a young battery.
  • It takes too long to start up – I like looking at the Apple logo but it’s getting old too.
  • $400 is too much for a high-tech walkman! Really, MP3 players should cost about $100.

I’d still recommend an iPod to a friend but there’s room for improvement in the device. Apple better integrate a phone into the iPod soon or the iPod will eventually go the way of the stand-alone PDA. Still a fan – for now.

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