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30 Boxes BETA – Big Deal

I registered for the 30 Boxes BETA today – I was anxious to get a look at the ajaxified/flickerized/socialized (Web2 buzzwords) on-line calendaring solution that so many people are talking about – see my last post.

I’ve got to tell you, I wasn’t all that impressed. Yeah, I know, it’s a BETA (synonymous with Web2), but I expected to be wowed and what I got was a pretty plain-jane on-line calendaring system. Yes, it’s socialized to the max but that isn’t all that important to me because I’m not planning on sharing my calendar with the world. On-line calendaring solutions like this are going to struggle with the switching costs problem – people don’t jump around from one calendaring solution to another because it’s time expensive and potentially dangerous. If you’ve got a "black book" and it’s working for you – why risk the switch.

There is a positive to all of this hype – the software world we all deal with everyday is moving on-line and at a fast pace. Companies like 83 Degrees and Flickr got Microsoft‘s attention and the big boys are listening. It won’t be long before all it takes to access your software life is a login – doesn’t matter where you are and that’s something I’m looking forward to. Keeping five computers current is an impossible task and a waste of valuable time.

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