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Aardvark’d:12 Weeks With Geeks

I watched  Aardvark’d:12 Weeks With Geeks on Chritmas Eve while I was wrapping presents – a documentary about a group of progamming interns and their summer at Fog Creek Software. Fog Creek Software is captained by Joel Spolsky – a software developer out of New York City and author of the popular blog on software development - Joel on Software. I ordered the DVD thinking it would reflect the same kind of quality content I find over and over again on Joel on Software – boy was I wrong.

Don’t order or watch this movie thinking you’re going to learn something about software development – especially if you’re already in the business. Don’t expect the same kind of quality content and insight you’ll find on Joel on Software. Watch the movie if you want to see a "coming of age" piece about a group of young programmers going to "the big city" for the 1st time. Personally, watching this movie was a waste of my time – order now and form your own opinion.

Sorry Joel. Produce a 2.0 version of the movie this summer – a movie that actually documents your software development process.

Aardvark’d Trailer
Aardvark’d P & L (Joel on Software – Joel calculates P & L for project)
O’Reilly Rader: A Review of Aardvark’d:12 Weeks With Geeks 

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