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Obama Ads

I really don’t like the fact that Google Adsense is dumping “Obama Exposed” ads on my blog. I’m an Obama supporter and I’m about to pull Adsense from my blog because of this. Is there anything I can do in my Adsense setup to solve this problem? Maybe the new Ad Review Center will do the trick for me. Maybe I can switch out the “Obama Exposed” ads for the “Impeach Bush” ads ; )

Google Speculation and My Two Cents


Lot’s of speculation in the blogosphere about what Google’s next move will be. See below.

Om Malic – Tis a Season to Copy

Jeremy Zawodny - Google is Building Yahoo 2.0

Tristan Louis - Reading the Google Tea Leaves

I.M.H.O. (I’m sure I’m not alone in this) it’s all about the Ad Network – at least for Google vision. Everything they do is about driving traffic through their Ad Network – cool technology happens along the way. Google’s next big move – Wi-fi everywhere and Geo-based advertising. They’ll start with the blue states and make their way into the red states when it’s safe.

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