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Akihabara News

Bumped into Akihabara News ad while browsing Danny Choos’s site – Akihabara News is a great place to read up on gadgets coming out of Japan and Korea before they show up here and a lot of them never will.

Danny’s site is great – we share some of the same interests. He’s a big Gundam fan and he likes walking around Tokyo dressed in Stormtrooper garb – my kind of fun. Keep it up Danny.

PalmIT Podcast #2 – Thoughts on Japan

I thought it would be a good idea to podcast some of my thoughts on my recent trip to Japan before I lose track of the details. So here we go, my 2nd podcast.

Podcast LinkPalmIT Podcast #2 - Thoughts on Japan (14:15)
Flickr: Japan 2005 Photoset
Podcast Feed Podcast Feed

IMG_2230 Toto toilet control – beware squirting stream

IMG_2560 Akihabara – gadgets galore

IMG_2589 Awesome Phones

Off to Japan

I’m off to Japan next week (Yokohama and Tokyo) for some fun – I’m really looking forward to the trip. This will be my first visit to Japan and there are lots of things I want to see and do. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to think about the trip at all so I’m going without an itinerary. I’m planning to take lots of pictures and I hope to keep some light blogging up while I’m there.

Place I’d like to see:

Things I should do:

  • suggestions?

I really should spend some more time thinking about this but then again it might be fun to just go. I’ll have people with me that have spent a lot of time in Japan so I think I’ll just go along for the ride and see what happens. Just being in Japan will be adventure enough. Can’t wait to see the gadgets!

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