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Amazon Cloud Player for iOS Released

Amazon’s Cloud Player for iOS is now available in the iTunes App Store. Amazon Cloud Player provides Amazon’s customers with the ability to stream or download music stored in their Amazon Cloud Drive. You can also manage your music library and create playlists using the App. Because Apple prohibits it, you won’t be able to purchase new music through the App – the Kindle App for iPhone is limited in the same way.

Now your music can come with you everywhere! Listen to your music from the cloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch anywhere you are. You can download or stream your library from the cloud – or play the music you already have on your device. – iTunes App Description

Amazon Cloud Player is long overdue – it should have launched along with the Cloud Drive service a year ago. Still, I’m glad to see that Amazon is willing to commit resources to supporting their customers that are also Apple customers.

Amazon Cloud Player

App Review: Loving Snapseed Photo Editor

SnapseedA Day In The Life of Talented and Inspirational Mobile Photographer Andrew Proudlove by Joanne Carter (@theappwhisperer) is a good read for any aspiring mobile photographer. The article features some of Andrew’s work, and the Apps he uses to manipulate the images he captures – amazing stuff. I’ve only had time to play with a few of the Apps mentioned in the article, but Snapseed (@snapseed) is quickly becoming a new favorite. Snapseed’s UI is intuitive, and it includes a really well thought out feature set. If you’re ready to add another photo App to your collection, Snapseed won’t disappoint.

App Review: Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings, from first time iOS developer Andreas Illiger is receiving rave reviews from top sites like AppAdvice and touchArcade. I caught a glimpse of it on AppAdvice earlier today and made a mental note to take it for a spin with the kids after dinner.

Tiny Wings is cute. You play a plump little bird with wings that are too small to generate the lift you need to fly. Fortunately, you’re a smart little bird and you’ve figured out that you can use the rolling hills in your fantasy world to get a little wind under your wings. You slide down hills, tucking in your wings to increase your speed, and use the opposite upward sloped hills as ramps to launch yourself into the air. Tuck your wings to control where you come back down, ideally on a down slope, and launch yourself off again. You can only fly at night, so move as fast as you can. A perfect launch, and landing, is surprisingly rewarding and consecutive successes will launch you into the clouds. Collect coins, speed boosts, and complete objectives to boost your score multiplier.

Tiny Wings is great because it’s simple and complex at the same time. It’s a one-touch game, so it’s easy for the first time player to get started – touch the screen to tuck your wings. As you move through the game, jumping from island to island, the theme changes and you’re always presented with a different set of increasingly challenging hills. Every tap on the screen makes a big difference so you really need to concentrate, especially if you’re trying to control your decent from way up in the clouds.

For those with an interest in competing openly, OpenFeint is included for online high scores and twenty seven achievements for more replay.

Tiny Wings is beautifully executed and a joy to play. My kids and I loved the look-and-feel, and the audio track is matched to the whimsical artwork beautifully. Highly recommended, and available for the iPhone in iTunes for $0.99.

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