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Belkin Charger for LIL’ PIM

My Toshiba e740 a.k.a. LIL’ PIM is a power hog in comparison to my old Palm V. I’ve been out of the office for a few weeks enjoying the holidays and the other day my LIL’ PIM started displaying a nasty message about the status of his power supply. I think he even told me that he’d trash my data if I didn’t feed him soon. This surprised me because I had only used him a few times here and there to get a phone number or build a list for the grocery store. How could his battery be dead?

I can think of a number of reasons why the battery may have died unexpectedly. Excuses LIL’ PIM might use if asked.

  • LIL’ PIM was “on” more often than I thought because he tends to activate himself while in my pocket. Why? I don’t know.
  • I didn’t actually charge him fully before leaving for the holiday.
  • LIL’ PIM is the PDA equivalent of a Suburban.

I’ll probably never know why the battery seemed to last all of about fifteen minutes over the holiday break. Time will tell. Perhaps LIL’ PIM stayed out late at a party or two. Or, perhaps he was using his IR port to talk to a sexy little Tungsten T without my knowledge. One way or the other, he needed juice and quick.

The cradle where LIL’ PIM usually gets his action was at the office and out of reach. A quick trip to the local Office Depot had me a little concerned about what it was going to take budget wise to solve the problem. Office Depot wanted $49.99 for the Toshiba brand e740 charger. Another $29.99 for a Toshiba brand USB sync cable. No way.

A trip to Circuit City accidentally resulted in one of those rare miracle solutions. I was browsing around, looking for some after-market duds for LIL’ PIM, and I browsed past the Belkin accessories section. Something called a USB Sync Charger caught my attention. Basically, a USB sync cable that would allow me to sync my PDA with any USB equiped computer, and a charger that hooks up to a 12v car adapter. Not bad for $19.99 but I hadn’t planned on charging my PDA in the car while out of the office. I don’t think LIL’ PIM would appreciate the winder conditions. Then the miracle happened. Circuit City also carries a Belkin USB Travel Charger that converts the sync charger into a full-blown AC powered charger for $9.99. So for a total of $30 I got a car charger, an ac charger, and a sync cable for my e740. Beats $80 worth of Toshiba brand accessories to do less.

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