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Your blog stinks when …

You know your blog is really starting to stink when your Google Adsense ads are all public service announcements sponsored by Google. It’s really starting to feel like the blog is being replaced by the popular social media tools and more recently social media aggregators like friendfeed. Steve Makofsky over at furrygoat 2.0 is feeling it too – Whither the Blog?

Breaking: palmit.commentary acquired by New York Times

I’m pleased to announce that palmit.commentary has been acquired by the New York Times for an undisclosed amount of (love that smell) cash.
The New York Times, smartly, rushed palmit.commentary to the top of their list of blogs to acquire. As many of you know, they just acquired the blog Freakonomics. More blog acquisitions are expected as part of the recently updated New York Times “stay relevant” business strategy. The acquisition was quick and painless – the whole transaction happened via PayPal and IM.
We’re working on integrating palmit.commmentary into the New York Times design template for acquired blogs. They said something about needing to spell-check my blog and make it look more like a newspaper but I expect to see my content on The New York Times soon. It will probably look a lot like this [[ acquired blog template]]

I’m still alive …

I’m still alive and well – but this blog is almost 6 feet under.

I’ve been busy with my life, not a Second Life, my life. My career and my family have both been keeping me busy lately. We have our 3rd in the oven and I was recently promoted to Vice President of Product Development for Palo Alto Software. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this blog doesn’t get a lot of love when life takes over.

I was doing some house-cleaning in Google Reader yesterday and I noticed that I’m not the only blogger that has a hard time keeping up – a lot of blogs have gone dark since I last cleaned house. You can draw some parallels between this blogosphere ecosphere and the rain forest ecosphere – the hard woods (Engadget, LifeHacker) are here to stay for a while but the forest floor plants (my blog, and blogs like it) are constantly appearing and disappearing as the forest evolves. It feels very organic – healthy for the blogosphere in many ways. By the way, the hard woods do eventually come down.

With that said I’m still committed to this blog. Why? Because I love the notion of blogging, the written word, and the way the Internet makes it available almost instantly across Planet Earth. I also believe technology professionals, like myself, need to maintain a presence in the blogosphere. We need to support blogging because the information exchange it supports speeds innovation along.

I’m going to be focusing my posts more on technology and less on popular culture and the other things that amuse me as I move this blog forward.

Additionally, I’m a regular contributor over at the Bplans Blog, where you can read what I have to say about startups, small business, business planning, and strategy.

More to come! (TypePad like) is now open (maybe for a limited time as they scale up) for business. Looks like a great solution and the competition will be good for Six Apart.

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