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Chris Pirillo

Chris PirilloI started paying attention to Chris Pirillo (bio) back when he was hosting TechTV — now I subscribe to his PodCast (iTunes) as well as his blog feed. I enjoy Chris’ commentary and and I’ve enjoyed following the progression of his career — he’s a Web celebrity — he’s achieved a-list Blogebrity status. Oh, did I mention he has some pretty interesting service ideas? For example – - great idea. The Chris Pirillo Show.


Blogosphere Smackdown or Calculated Marketing Effort

Set the stage by announcing a product or a service that bloggers might have an interest in.
Audible – WordCast Announcement

Hire Allow somebody with zero PR skills to represent you in the Blogosphere - somebody more interested in promoting their technorati profile than your product or service: Mitch Ratcliffe

Blogebrity (top bloggers) blog and podcast about the announcement:

Blogger-for-hire posts the post that really heats things up (roasting Blogebrity) and the Blogosphere Smackdown begins 11/13: See More on the future of podcasting - the good stuff is in the comments.

Or, was this a calculated marketing effort that unfolded exactly the way Mitch and Audible wanted it to. Mitch’s inflammatory posts and comments created a ton of free buzz around the Audible announcement. Did Dave, Om, Doc Searl, and others play right into a calculated marketing effort? I guess it would be a form of viral marketing – or, does it deserve a new name.


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