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Goals for 2009

I think it’s important to set goals in life. For me personally, writing my goals down makes it a bit harder for me to conveniently forget about them.

Personal Goals for 2009:

  • Read at least 6 books. I read a lot, I read all day, that makes it harder for me to read for pleasure.
  • Fish the Deschutes river.
  • Take my kids on at least 2 multi-day camping trips. Yellowstone here we come.
  • Run the Peterson Ridge Rumble. Updated 10/13/09: Done. Man that burned- 22 miles.
  • Take the entire family on a real vacation.
  • Make the time for more "date nights" with my fantastic wife.
  • Weatherize our basement.
  • Shoot more video of the kids.
  • Expand on my existing skills as a photographer and publish more of my work. I’d like to get something published in JPG Magazine. Win a 5D Mark II. Updated 01/02/09: Unfortunately, JPG Magazine is shutting down on the 5th. Instead, I think I’ll focus on publishing more to Flickr and being more active in the Flickr community.
  • Build a camping box for my UZJ100. Updated 10/13/09: Ended up building a box for my Engel refrigerator and on-board air system instead.
  • Give some of my time (it’s precious to me) to a worthy cause. Eugene/Springfield Habit for Humanity is at the top of the list.

Career Goals for 2009:

  • Work my ass off to make sure the company I work for pulls through this recession.
    NOTE: There’s a deeper list of business goals here that I can’t share for obvious confidentiality reasons.

  • Continue developing my online professional identity by:
    • blogging more here on this blog with a better focus on developing technologies and software development
    • developing my LinkedIn membership
    • building professional relationships with professionals in my field
  • Continue to build on my education by taking advantage of continuing education programs.  For example, I attended Stanford’s Executive Education program in 2008.

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