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Surfing I ran into this post Think locally, act globally that talks about a collaborative effort to buy a needy family in China a water buffalo. It’s a fantastic story which is told very well by  Bob Thomson (one of the collaborators) in a short movie (8 minutes) he produced to document the event. Just when you think the world is getting really crummy a story like this comes along to restore hope. Thanks guys!


Bob’s post – link to movie here 

Direct movie link 1 MOV 

Direct movie link 2 FLASH 

Will the Fed help tech companies sort out China?

Chinese Flag 

Reading: Yahoo turns to Washington for help on China | Tech News on ZDNet

The Fed needs to step up to the plate and level the playing field (or at least set some guidelines) for tech companies trying to do business in China. China represents a huge market for these companies so they can’t just not do business with the Chinese; unfortunately the U.S. stock market won’t reward them for being good citizens. The Fed needs to step in and set some game playing rules – the industry can’t be expected to create the rules, the game is already in motion. I think the Yahoo! chief has it right.

Governments change governments. Governments who are in trade together can certainly change governments," he said. "We tried and we are going to continue to try as an industry to have our government help us.

- Terry Semel, Yahoo! Chief


China’s President Visits – Stops at Bill’s 1st

Chinese FlagHu Jintao, China’s President, is making a historic visit to the United States. News, but not the type of news I usually click into. In this case it’s more interesting than usual – he’s stopping at Bill’s house before heading to George’s house. Funny stuff. That has to be embarrassing. Right? Cheney is probably consoling him right now – it’s Ok George, go to sleep, Hu’s still coming for a play date. – China president at Gates house, not White House

Google China

Google and their role in China took the stage this week. IMO – the Chinese are better off with limited access to Google than no access to Google. Keep letting them lick the surface of freedom and eventually they’ll demand a meal. More leaks in the Great Firewall.

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[Image] Google search results for "Tienanmien" on Google France (left) vs Google China (right)

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