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TechCrunch Network – Quarterly Goals

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch launched MobileCrunch today – it’s a TechCrunch Network blog. MobileCrunch is the 3rd blog to join the TechCrunch Network (kind or laughing) of blogs – the 2nd was CrunchNotes. Here’s a link to the official announcement.

Launch chronology – quarterly goals?
TechCrunch June 2005 >> CrunchNotes October 2005 >> MobileCrunch January 2006 >>
[ ? ]Crunch April 2006 >>

Oliver Starr (that’s a resume + some) will be heading up the new blog so Michael can stay focused on TechCrunch. Michael is expanding quickly – maybe too quickly. This might sound crazy to some of you but I’ve started to relate TechCrunch to the old Industry Standard days we all so fondly remember.

Is TechCrunch still a blog? IMO – CrunchNotes is a blog, TechCrunch is a business venture. Technically, it fits the definition – but does it fit the "spirit" of what blogs are supposed to be. When does a blog become just another content site? Will TechCrunch be associated with a 2nd bubble much like The Industry Standard is associated with the 1st? Time will tell.

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