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Vista Ultimate Dreamscene

I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate at home and bumped into a cool new feature available to Ultimate users as an Ultimate Exclusive. The feature is called Dreamscene and it makes it easy to replace your boring static wallpaper with exciting dynamic wallpaper – apparently, without taxing your system resources too much. If you’re an Ultimate user and good about downloading updates (even the optional updates) it’s probably already installed; if you don’t already have it installed, you can use Windows Update to download and install Dreamscene. While you’re updating – grab the Dreamscene Content Pack as well.

Instructions for activating Windows Vista Ultimate Dreamscene:

  1. Right-click the desktop
  2. Select Personalize from the menu that appears
  3. Select Desktop Background on the Personalizaton screen
  4. Select Windows Dreamscene for Picture Location on the Desktop Background screen
  5. Select a Dreamscene, your background will update, click Ok after you settle on a Dreamscene for your background. NOTE: If you don’t have the Content Pack installed, you will only see one Dreamscene in the list of available Dreamscenes. The Content Pack brings the number closer to ten.

Dreamscene is working pretty well for me on my modestly equiped Lenovo laptop so far. I like the liveliness it brings to the background – I have a rainy day scene running for my background. Oh, Dreamscene is also smart enough to go into a static state when the laptop is running on battery power. If you are a Vista Ultimat user – it’s worth a look.

   (Vista Dreamscene: Select "Windows Dream Scene" for Picture Location)


My Tech and Spring-cleaning – Part 1 “The Desktop”

My Tech needs a place on the spring cleaning checklist this year. I maintain 6 computers between the office and my home and they all need at least a little attention and it might even be time to retire one or two from service. Time to clean. I’m going to start with My Desktop(s).

The DesktopReading – Lifehacker: A clutter free desktop

"A clutter free desktop" features a lot of great tips for cleaning up your desktop. I didn’t implement all of them but I did implement the _working folder and the _downloads folder in my My Documents folder methodology for dealing with some of the desktop clutter that tends to accumulate on the desktops of busy tech professionals.

Now my desktop(s) are completely free if icons – you could call it true desktop Zen. I use the Quick Launch bar and the Start menu to organize my applications – the Quick Launch bar for applications like Firefox that I open and close frequently. The Start menu is for applications that are opened less frequently. Files are neatly filed away in one consolidated location – my My Documents folder. The _working folder is used for files that I’m actively working on and downloads are directed to my _downloads folder. Add a shortcut to your My Documents folder or even your _working folder to the Quick Launch bar for easy access. Consolidating all of your data files to one location like this makes it easier to implement an effective backup strategy and most importantly, it makes it easier to find things.

My desktop(s) weren’t really a mess relative to what I see out there but they needed a good dusting. In the end, I don’t really see a difference between my virtual desktop(s) and my oak or veneer desktops – they should both free of the clutter. In the end, I guess it comes down to habbit and preference.

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