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Wall-e I had the opportunity to see Pixar’s new animated movie WALL-E over the July 4th weekend. The movie was an absolute pleasure to watch for me and my kids. Hancock was good but WALL-E was better.

WALL-E has it all – a great story, amazing animation, great sound, robot love, and creativity packed into every second. WALL-E is also a delivery platform for an important message. The movie makes it very clear that if we don’t do something to change our “Buy Everything Large” way of living that we’re going to destroy our planet. The movie makers aren’t subtle about delivering this message. Earth is a trash pit no longer capable of supporting life, humans are so large they can’t walk anymore, we’ve lost the ability to read and communicate, and robots have to do just about everything for us. The message is presented in a fun way, targeted more at the adults in the theater, so my kids didn’t quite get it but it gave us something to talk about later. It’s a scary message and I think the timing for it is perfect. I applaud the makers of WALL-E for using their success to get this message out. I just hope people listen.

SIDE NOTE: I wonder if the makers of the movie signed-off on the cheap WALL-E watches the theaters were giving out to the kids opening weekend? I’m guessing that more than 1/2 of them are already in the trash headed for a landfill.

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