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Email Center Pro – New Video Introduction Launched

I work with a great group of people at Palo Alto Software developing a collaborative email application called Email Center Pro. Today, we unveiled a new video that introduces the service – it’s featured on We love the video,it’s fantastic, we’ve watched it dozens of times – it does a great job of communicating the problem Email Center Pro solves. Take a look and tell me what you think.
Credit: Principals – Jason Gallic (Email Center Pro Marketing Manager) worked with Christian Martel Atelier Transfert Design to produce the movie.

Email Center Pro – Collaborative Email

Email Center Pro - Collaborative Email
I spent quite a bit of my time in 2008 working on a collaborative email solution for the SMB market called Email Center Pro.

Email Center Pro is a web-based service that makes it easy for business people to collaborate on and manage "shared" email addresses like customerservice@ and info@. I like to say that Email Center Pro turns "shared" email addresses from "money takers" into "money makers" by improving response time and response quality.

We officially launched Email Center Pro in April of 2008 and since then we’ve been using feedback from our customers to rapidly evolve the service. Some of the new features we’ve added over the last eight months have been documented on the Dead Simple Software blog. I’m a big fan of our recent improvements to the way we display conversation history.

I’m really proud of of the way we’ve evolved the service this year and I think our subscribers appreciate the work we’ve been putting into the service. I’m looking forward to the continuing evolution of Email Center Pro in 2009.

Seth’s Inbox Culture

Do you spend your day responding and reacting to incoming all day… until the list is empty? … and then you’re done. – Seth Godin

I do.

Email, Instant Messages, Tweets, SMS Messages, Alerts, and FogBugz reports monopolize the bulk of my day. I try to carve out time for “projects” but it’s getting harder and harder to temporarily dam the “incoming” flow. I need to get better an this before I loose perspective on the big picture.

Email Center Pro Launch Week

Email Center ProIn March, I blogged about a new product we’re working on at Palo Alto Software called Email Center Pro.

I’m happy to announce that we’re officially launching Email Center Pro (ECP) this week. You can read more about the launch in my recent post on the Dead Simple Software blog. Or here, and here, and here.

If you missed the chance to grab a beta account, don’t freak out, you can still kick the tires by signing up for a FREE account. We’re all very excited about this launch – so come on over and check it out.

Email Center Pro

Email Center ProPalo Alto Software, the company I work for, is getting ready to launch a new product called Email Center Pro (ECP) next month and we’re all very excited about it.

For more than a decade we’ve been focused on our business planning software product, Business Plan Pro, so some people will think ECP is a bit off course for us. So why did we decide to build it and take the chance? Simple. We think it can help people succeed in business and helping people succeed in business is what we’re all about – it’s our mantra. Business Plan Pro, for obvious reasons, has helped a lot of people succeed in business and we feel really great about that. ECP does it in a less direct way but it will help you improve the way you run your business and increase your chances of success.

Email Center Pro helps you manage shared email addresses like and It provides your team with easy access to these email accounts by creating web-based shared mailboxes that the whole team can access. You can assign messages, track conversations, add notes to messages, and use templates to respond to messages in consistent ways. You can efficiently manage more email and deliver better quality responses to your customers. See – it will help you improve the way you run your business. At Palo Alto Software, our customer services teams use ECP every day and our business is better for it.

You can learn more about the product by visiting the Email Center Pro website. If you’re interested in a Beta account – leave a comment explaining why you need the product and I’ll hook you up. 

Google Reader – Just “Slick”

I spend a lot of time In Google Reader, probably too much, and I’ve got to tell you – it’s just plain slick. You can’t define "slick" software but you know when you’re sitting in front of it. It feels slick. A specific feature addition motivated me to type this up.

Google Reader (as far as I can remember) has always supported an Email feature that lets you e-mail a feed item. Until recently however, it wasn’t slick. Clicking Email below a feed item would pop-up a new window that just didn’t feel right. It worked and did what it was supposed to do but it wasn’t the best user experience. Recently, the Google Reader team improved the Email feature. They didn’t add new functionality – they just improved the user experience. Now, clicking Email below a feed item (the link is still in the same place) drops a nice little frame in below the feed item and before the next feed item. It’s simple, it features fields for your recipients, a subject, a short note to go along with the item, a send button, and a cancel button. And more importantly, it feels slick.

Google Reader is "slick" because the team spends time working on the finer points of usability. They didn’t have to improve the Email feature, it worked fine before, but they did and in the long-run it pays off. Google Reader is quickly becoming the preferred web-based feed reader.

Some other "slick" Google Reader features include:

  • Short-cut ? displays excellent Keyboard Short-cut overlay
  • When you Email a feed item to someone a copy is put in your Gmail "Sent Items" folder
  • The "To" field is connected to Gmail so "auto-complete" functionality works

Google Reader

(screen grab: clicking Email below a feed item drops a nice little frame in below the feed item and before the next feed item)

Pot and E-mail

E-mail it totally out of control – reading my e-mail makes me feel stoned. "I didn’t inhale!"

"e-mail might do more damage to your brain than smoking pot" "multitasking is worse for your ability to concentrate than getting stoned"


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