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My Tech and Spring-cleaning – Part 2 “Dust Balls”

My Tech recently made my spring-cleaning checklist. In Part 1 of this infinite series I blogged about the zen of clean desktops. Part 2, a short post, is but a simple reminder.

Most of today’s computers (not all) are cooled by fans and heat sinks. The fans, many fans sometimes, blow air across the parts of our computers that get hot. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in Intel clean rooms so our systems are actually cooled by air and other particulates like dust, small bugs, boogers, pet hair, and other nasty things. The picture to the left of this post illustrates my point – that’s a nasty hair ball in front of my primary fan intake.

So the reminder. Open up your computer once a year and vacuum out the really nasty stuff. Use the molding tool to ramp up the sucking power and do your best (without bumping into anything important) to get the big wads out. If you’re really smart you can pull your fans and blow them out with compressed air. WARNING: Only recommend for smart people. Don’t sneeze into your machine. Don’t let your toddler play with the moving parts. Don’t lick the power supply. Don’t use the "hairy" cleaning tool on anything.

Related: Lifehacker: Geek to Live: Evacuate PC dust bunnies Step-by-step instructions for the not so smart people – might even be helpful for a few of the ones that think they’re smart.

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