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Firesheep Extension

Will Firesheep, Eric Butler’s Firefox extension, wake people up to the dangers of connecting to an un-secured wi-fi network? Unlikely -  I think it’s just going to make it easier for the kid next door to jack your Facebook account.

Firesheep, makes it really easy for the little monsters out there to see that you’re on an un-secured network, grab your logins, and jack your online identity. Your Facebook relationship status will change from married to single, and you’ll Tweet the Tweet that will end your career, before you even realize the kid has the keys to the car.

Firesheep takes advantage of unsecured wireless networks and unencrypted cookies to “sidejack”, or gain access to sites by way of accessing these cookies. Developed byEric Butler, a freelance web application and software developer in Seattle, Washington, Firesheep was created and released at Toorcon 12 to demonstrate the security risk inherent in storing unencrypted login data in cookies. As Butler writes on his blog, “On an open wireless network, cookies are basically shouted through the air, making these attacks extremely easy.”

Firesheep opens a sidebar in Firefox (screen shot) that shows everyone who is connected to a certain unsecured WiFi network. With a single click, you can connect to most any social network using that person’s user name and password.

I see the point Eric’s trying to make, but I’m not sure I agree with his methods. I’m hoping – if the point really is to educate people to the dangers of connecting to an un-secured wi-fi network, that Firesheep alerts the unsuspecting user before too much damage is done. If it doesn’t now – perhaps Eric will add this little feature in a future update. Little monsters, beware – Eric might just turn the tables on you.

ScribeFire / Testing / Testing

This is a test post from the ScribeFire FireFox blogging add-on. I took ScribeFire for a spin a year ago and found that it didn’t quite meet my needs but they’ve improved it a lot since then so I’m taking it around the block again.

ScribeFire, an extension of FireFox,
enables users to easily drag and drop formatted text from the Web into
their blog(s), post entries, take notes, and optimize their ad
inventory, directly through the Firefox browser.

Firefox Gains Market Share

TechCrunch – Firefox Surges to 16% Market Share in U.S.

Good for Firefox.

I use Firefox, and not because I’ve sworn some crazy oath to never use Microsoft software or anything like that – I use and love a lot of Microsoft’s products, but because it’s better software. The competition in this space is good for us (users) – it’s going to force all the browser publishers to innovate and produce better browsers. Keep it up Mozilla. Get moving Microsoft. Competition is a good thing – always – unless you’re loosing.

Prediction: Scoble Launches Vlogging Craze

Scoble is going to launch vlogging (and into orbit. I spent some time with my surfboard tonight – surfing the vlog waves – there’s a lot of crap out there but there’s also some really good stuff flying around. Pioneers like Amanda Congdon (Rocketboom) are doing pretty good for themselves already – we’re talking about 85K a week in advertising revenue and 300,000 visitors a day. I’m looking forward to watching this space as it develops.


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