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Flickr Facebook Integration Disappointment

FlickrOn Thursday, Flickr, the popular photo sharing site, announced a new Facebook integration feature. I’m a Flickr Pro user and love the service.

We’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for you to share your photos and videos with the people who matter to you. Today, we’re launching a new and improved way to share your Flickr photos with your friends and family on Facebook! Just connect your Flickr and Facebook accounts and we’ll automatically send an update to your Facebook feed every time you upload a public photo or video.

I was excited to take advantage of this feature because I assumed it would be better than the Facebook import feature, which has supported Flickr for years. Unfortunately, Flickr’s Facebook integration is about as basic as you can get. Every image you post to your Flickr photostream is posted as an individual Wall update to your Facebook account. Unfortunately -  did I say unfortunately again? – for someone like me, that’s often uploading dozens of photos at a time to Flickr, this just don’t work very well – my Facebook wall was quickly transformed into a Flickr photostream.

You’d think that Flickr/Yahoo!, with the resources they have available. would be able to come up with a more full featured integration. There are dozens of Flickr Facebook applications out there written by individuals in their spare time that blow this out of the water. Like the title of this post says, Flickr’s Facebook integration is a disappointment. I’m really surprised Wired or ReadWriteWeb didn’t ding Flickr/Yahoo! a bit for this poor showing.

I think Flickr/Yahoo! spent more time writing the announcement blog post than their developers did working on the integration ; ) I wonder how many people hours Yahoo! spent pushing this through the bureaucracy.

More Photos on Facebook Than Flickr

I was browsing the TC feed this morning and was surprised to learn that Facebook is sporting twice as many photos as Flickr. Flickr just reached 2 billion photos – Facebook is sporting 4.1 billion photos. Facebook might have quantity but I’m sure Flickr wins on quality. 2 Billion Photos on Flickr.

Robin, I Can’t See

Robin, I Can’t See, originally uploaded by Cale Bruckner.

Lately I’ve been getting a kick out of taking pictures of the toys my kids are playing with. We have a good time prepping each toy for the photo-shoot, they can be a bit nervous about all the picture taking, and the kids enjoy looking at the end result. This picture of my son’s Batman action figure is called “Robin, I Can’t See.”

I also enjoy taking pictures of toys because it helps me appreciate the details of the design work that goes into each toy. How much time do you think somebody spent designing this Batman figure? See the detail in the ears? Somebody put a lot of effort into this and the design behind a toy often goes un-noticed by parents that are more focused on trying to keep the toys in the right bins. Spend a few minutes looking at the detail work that goes into the toys your kids play with. I’m guessing their toys are more interesting than most of the other things in your house.

More toy pictures in my Flickr “Toys” set.

Flickr’s Best of 2006

I’m always constantly amazed by the caliber of the pictures you can view on Flickr. The Best of 2006 discussion is a great place to browse some of the best photography of 2006.

Microsoft Media Center SDK Features Thomas Hawk’s Work

The new Microsoft Media Center SDK includes a sample application that features Thomas Hawk’s photographs. Hawk, in my humble opinion, is a fantastic photographer and I just love browsing his work on Flickr. Check his work out for yourself.

Flickr Geotagging


Messing around with Flickr’s new geotagging feature tonight. Tagged my house – pretty cool – looks like I’m not the only person tagging photos in Eugene – take a look at other pictures taken here in Eugene. Learn more about Flickr’s new geotagging feature.

Flickr Toys

fd’s Flickr Toys – a bunch of cool tools for creating things like magazine covers and movie posters from your Flikcr images. You can have a lot of fun with this. Recent fdsflickrtoys on Flickr.

Profit from Flickr Content

 [image removed - apologies ahyc - firm believer in protecting ip]

James the doorman (III), originally uploaded by ahyc.

Flickr should develop ways for its members to make money off of the original content they post. Maybe they’ve already done it (I’m not exactly a Flickr power-user) – it isn’t exactly an original idea either. Give members a way to tag photos they’d like to sell – buyers could buy a license to use the image etc. There’s a lot of high-quality content on Flickr and it’s very searchable. The image in this post would make a great addition to a PowerPoint presentation.

Ipod Photos on Flickr

Flickr Ipod

Just for fun I searched Flickr for the tag "ipod" and I was amazed by the results. There are over 15K photos on Flickr tagged "ipod." This is the 1st time I’ve used the Flickr search feature – a lot of fun to be had here. Photo posted by doji


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