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MegaPhone for iPhone

Sitting at your desk thinking you might need a passive ceramic amplifier for your iPhone? Me too.

The Megaphone, for iPhone, amplifies the speaker sound coming out of your iPhone – a lot like the amplifiers on the old phonographs of yesteryear.

Designed by Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa, the MegaPhone isn’t hard to look at. It sits on a beautifully designed wood stand, that both floats it off the surface it sits on, and optimizes sound performance.

MegaPhone is available in white, black, and a special gold edition. The white and black version can be had for 399 Euros, but the gold version will cost you 600 Euros. Ready to bite? Click Buy Now. Want to know more? Visit the MegaPhone product page.

Megaphone is compatible with your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. Is it compatible with Siri? No idea.

Megaphone from RACOON_STUDIO on Vimeo.

Wacom Inkling, Livescribe Pen Killer?

Japanese company Wacom, known for their pen-based tablets, activated the marketing plan for a new product this week, and I’d say they’re executing it pretty well. The new product is Inkling, a cute little gadget, small enough to carry in your pocket, that makes it easy to seamlessly transfer drawings from regular paper, into layered vector files that can be edited in compatible graphics programs on your MAC or PC. And everyone is talking about it.

In some ways Inkling is similar to the Livescribe pen, it’s designed to digitize hand-written content so you can get it onto your computer, and it requires a special digital pen. Unlike the Livescribe pen, Inkling can work with standard paper – and that’s a big plus for Inkling on the feature comparison list. The Inkling achieved this by moving the part of the technology that captures and stores the inputs from the pen to a receiver that you attach to your paper. Other pluses include a pen that recognizes 1,024 different levels of sensitivity, which means the strength of your stroke will be accurately translated from the paper, to the digital copy. The Inkling also has support for layers, a feature graphic designers, that want to post-process their sketches in graphics programs, will really appreciate. New layers are created by pressing a button on the Inkling receiver.

If the early reactions to the Inkling are any kind of indicator, I’d say Wacom is going to have a good Christmas. I’m kind of hoping Santa puts one in my stocking ; )

In the US, the Inkling will be available in “mid-September” for an MSRP of US$199.99.

Making the Glif

The Glif folks are about to ship the first round of their cleverly designed and crowdsource-funded tripod mount for the iPhone 4.

Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory that can act as a standard tripod mount for your iPhone 4, or as a kickstand to prop your iPhone up at an angle. Great for hands-free FaceTiming, watching videos, making movies, using your iPhone as an alarm clock, and more. I love the simplicity of the design.

I bumped into this short video – a behind the scenes look at the injection molding manufacturing process used to manufacture the Glif.

Making the Glif from Glif on Vimeo.

From there, intrigued by the Glif story, I ended up on the KICKSTARTER website, where you can read more about their campaign to raise funding and watch their crafty campaign video. Their funding goal for the project was 10k, they’ve already raised $137,417. Congratulations Tom and Dan. Side note, loving the whole crowdsourced funding thing.

MAKE Magazine eBook Archive Available

MAKE Magazine
MAKE Magazine, the magazine that brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life, is now available in PDF format. Now you can take MAKE with you on any portable device that supports PDF. The MAKE Magazine eBook Archive.

The PDF version of MAKE is available for $9.99, and 4-volume annual box sets can be purchased for $35.99. This is a great opportunity to pick up hard-to-find or out-of-print back issues.

Jeff Han Unveils High-Resolution Multi-Touch Computer

Watch Jeff Han demo his high-resolution multi-touch computer screen at TED. I’m sold on his vision of how we should be interacting with user interfaces – make it happen Jeff! We’ve lived in a flat world for far too long.

Engadget Fan Boy? Tour Ryan Block’s Pad

Tour Gadget Geek’s Home | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers

Are you an Engadget fan boy or fan girl? If you are, you’ll enjoy this video tour through Ryan Block’s San Francisco apartment.

Swissbit – SwissMemory USB Victorinox Multiple Choice


Swissbit Swissmemory USB Victorinox Datasheet PDF

I’m not a big fan of USB flash drives – there are a lot of others ways to move big files around and they usually feel too fragile to be trusted. The Swissbit Swissmemory USB Victorinox caught my attention on Engadget because it looks cool and it sports a 2GB capacity – see the press release. Still not a fit for my needs but I can see why students and travelers might like it.

They’re including the usual scissors, knife, nail file, and screw driver on the rubyRED and retroALOX versions, while the rubyRED version — which is looking a tad chubby these days — also adds a ballpoint pen and an LED light for extra geek cred. You can even pop out the drive part for flying, since the TSA isn’t so hot on knives these days, or just make a run for it at the security gate and see how far you get.
via – Engadget

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