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Google Goo

Google Is Killing the Economics of Content by Scott Karp, interesting on its own, turned me on to a great post by Seth Jayson (The Motley Fool) titled How Google is Killing the Internet that’s a must read for anybody interested in splogs, link farms, and scraper sites. Is Google killing the Internet?

Comment I left on Scott’s site >> go, join the conversation 

Micrsoft vs. Google – A Question of Relevance

Microsoft Monitor: A Question of Relevance Joe Wilcox, Microsoft Monitor, writes about the competition between Google and Microsoft. A great read – very much in-line with my opinion on the subject.

Google China

Google and their role in China took the stage this week. IMO – the Chinese are better off with limited access to Google than no access to Google. Keep letting them lick the surface of freedom and eventually they’ll demand a meal. More leaks in the Great Firewall.

Recommended reading:

Google will face Congressional hearings over China
Google: China decision painful but right
Google founder defends China portal
[Image] Google search results for "Tienanmien" on Google France (left) vs Google China (right)

News Cloud

Clicked into a cool tool today that helps you get a good perspective on what’s currently the hot topic in the news. NewZingo builds a "News Cloud" from the tags associated with Google News stories – the most popular tags come to the top and start to stand-out from the rest of the cloud. Pretty cool visual aid.

NewZingo – your map to Google News

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google launched Google Analytics today - a web-based stats program for slicing and dicing the traffic that visits your website. I registered with the service and added the appropriate scripts to my pages to get a 1st hand look at the service in action. I’ve been using Awstats, and it meets my fairly limited needs for this website, but the Google Analytics U.I. looks more user-friendly. Based on technology Google Purchased – specifically, Urchin Web Analytics.

BusinessWeekOnline – great summary
TechCrunch – Google Analytics Swings at MeasureMap

Sucks to be:
MeasureMap and other Web Analytics companies


Read More…

Google Speculation and My Two Cents


Lot’s of speculation in the blogosphere about what Google’s next move will be. See below.

Om Malic – Tis a Season to Copy

Jeremy Zawodny - Google is Building Yahoo 2.0

Tristan Louis - Reading the Google Tea Leaves

I.M.H.O. (I’m sure I’m not alone in this) it’s all about the Ad Network – at least for Google vision. Everything they do is about driving traffic through their Ad Network – cool technology happens along the way. Google’s next big move – Wi-fi everywhere and Geo-based advertising. They’ll start with the blue states and make their way into the red states when it’s safe.

Too much of a good thing …

I feel like the Web jumped into overdrive this quarter and I’m having a hard time keeping up.

The battle raging between the three giants - Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! is responsible for most of the speed increase. Web 2.0 companies represent potential feature morsels for the giants – a few, if any, will ever evolve into real companies.

In a year we’ll be begging for a good old fashioned monopoly. Windows Vista might do better than everybody thinks. 

Google Mashups

Google Maps

It’s interesting; Google Maps ( is generating a whole new type of social computing. Google, by developing an easy-to-use API for their mapping technology, created the world of Google Maps Mashups. I’m just starting to explore this area but at 1st glance it’s interesting.
HotOrNot – HotOrNot + Google Maps = Hot People by Zip Code. HotOrNot is a great example of a social computing application of the technology.
GMap Pedometer – record your running or walking distance. Not what I’d call a social computing application of the technology – but still cool.
Google Maps Mania – An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, ideas and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

Google Blogger Fired

Mark Jen – the guy that Google fired for not being able to keep his mouth shut – lasted about three weeks on the job. It isn’t worth talking about too much but I thought I’d post a few links on the matter for those of you that want to know more about this story. It’s old news at this point but interesting for the curious.
Story 1
Story 2
Marks’s Blog

Google Video Search Launched

Google Video Search – how cool is that.

Desktop Search

New resolution – more frequent blogging ; )
I thought it would be interesting to test Google’s objectivity by sending it this query on the hot phrase for 2005 “desktop search.” Suprisingly Google returned a pretty intereresting result. Here’s the top-five results.
#1 – Google Desktop Search
#2 – About Google Desktop Search
#3 – Copernic: Software to search, find, and manage information
#4 – MSN Toolbar Suite Beta with MSN Desktop Search
#5 – Slashdot | Yahoo Release Desktop Search Tool Beta
Can’t blame them for #1 and #2, they’re obligated to their shareholders. #3 was nice to see becase right now the Copernic solution is my favorite – although I haven’t tried the MSN or Yahoo! options yet. The MSN search tool is next on my list to try and frankly I don’t think I’ll ever get around to trying Yahoo’s implementation – after all, they didn’t even really make it onto Google’s short-list ; )

Google Scholar

Wow, Google just keeps picking up their pace. The new Google Scholar search is one of their latest releases – in BETA and launched yesterday. The audience – scholars and the scientific community. I just love this company.

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