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I Love Dogs – Young and Old

Ugliest Dog

I just love dogs – old dogs and young dogs – handsome dogs and even ugly dogs just like this one. I pulled this off a post on IH8MUD Landcruiser Forum in a total state of disbelief – this just has to be a movie prop of some kind. What would you do if you saw this K9 running for you down the sidewalk?

I told you that if you to come over to try to steal my 45 my dog would probably go for the ride with you. You just have to watch out for the creppy neighbor dog. – Leaping Deer

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Looks like my ex. – jsaltlick

Update: My friend Jake Weatherly just informed me that this dog is in fact the real deal. Apparently, it won some kind of "ugly dog" competition at some point. A Google image search turns up all kind of ugly dogs. I had no idea.


Time for another landcruiser.commentary post. On-line forums and other enthusiast supported websites are invaluable resources for shady-tree mechanics – I don’t know how I’d keep my FJ60 running without help from the on-line community. is the Land Cruiser forum I frequent the most. The site is an invaluable resource for any Land Cruiser enthusiast. Check it out.

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