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iOS Adoption Rate

AppleMatthew Panzarino’s (@mpanzarino) TNW post, Why do developers prefer iOS over Android? Try 75% adoption of iOS5 while ICS is stuck at 1%., and Chris Sauve’s (@pxldots) post, iOS Ebb and Flow, are both good reads for anyone interested in iOS adoption rates.

Sauve on just how incredibly fast iOS gets picked up when compared to Android:

iOS 5 captured approximately 75% of all iOS users in the same amount of time it took Gingerbread to get 4% of all Android users. Even more astounding is that 15 weeks after launch iOS 4 was at 70% and iOS 5 was at 60% while Ice Cream Sandwich got to just 1% share at the same age. – Chris Sauve

AirPlay Speakers

AirPlay enabled audio accessories were big at CES this year. Both Griffin and Altec Lansing announced new products.


Griffin Twenty

Griffin’s Twenty digital audio amplifier makes it possible to play digital audio from iTunes, or any other AirPlay enabled app (e.g. Pandora), to an existing set of non-AirPlay enabled speakers wirelessly using an Airport Express wireless base station paired with Apple’s AirPlay wireless technology.

The Twenty is equipped with a power connect and mount for an Apple AirPort Express. The result is a zero-configuration audio set-up that features a 2.1 channel sound system with 20 watts of output per channel. The Twenty is a great way to wirelessly push audio to those old classic speakers you just don’t want to part with.

Altec inair5000


Altec Lansing’s new inAir 5000 is an AirPlay enabled speaker that has 110 watts of power, two 1-inch soft-dome neodymium tweeters, two 3-inch Kevlar drivers, one 4-inch subwoofer, and one passive bass radiator. It’s a high-quality speaker. The inAir 5000 combined with Apple’s AirPlay, makes it easy to stream music from your computer, iPhone, or iPad to any room in the house without wires. Most iDevice owner are going to appreciate the stylish teardrop design.

The inAir 5000’s release date hasn’t been released yet, but it should be released before summer 2012. Pricing hasn’t been released yet either.

More was announced, but the Twenty and the inAir 5000 definitely desserve to be highlighted. Looking forward to seeing how both are received in 2012.

iOS Auto-renewable Subscriptions

AppleMarco Arment’s post The limited world of auto-renewable subscriptions is a good read for any iOS developer thinking about using Apple’s auto-renewable subscription system for anything other than traditional-style  media publishing apps.

Reading between the lines on my rejection call, and seeing it codified more clearly here, it’s obvious that only traditional-style media publishing apps can use auto-renewable subscriptions. They were created solely for the existing newspaper and magazine industry, not web services.

iOS Multitasking Myth

Frasier Speirs, “Misconceptions About iOS Multitasking“:

There is one iOS “tip” that I keep hearing and it is wrong. Worse, I keep hearing it from supposedly authoritative sources. I have even heard it from the lips of Apple “Geniuses” in stores.

Here is the advice – and remember it is wrong:

All those apps in the multitasking bar on your iOS device are currently active and slowing it down, filling the device’s memory or using up your battery. To maximise performance and battery life, you should kill them all manually.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


App Review: Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings, from first time iOS developer Andreas Illiger is receiving rave reviews from top sites like AppAdvice and touchArcade. I caught a glimpse of it on AppAdvice earlier today and made a mental note to take it for a spin with the kids after dinner.

Tiny Wings is cute. You play a plump little bird with wings that are too small to generate the lift you need to fly. Fortunately, you’re a smart little bird and you’ve figured out that you can use the rolling hills in your fantasy world to get a little wind under your wings. You slide down hills, tucking in your wings to increase your speed, and use the opposite upward sloped hills as ramps to launch yourself into the air. Tuck your wings to control where you come back down, ideally on a down slope, and launch yourself off again. You can only fly at night, so move as fast as you can. A perfect launch, and landing, is surprisingly rewarding and consecutive successes will launch you into the clouds. Collect coins, speed boosts, and complete objectives to boost your score multiplier.

Tiny Wings is great because it’s simple and complex at the same time. It’s a one-touch game, so it’s easy for the first time player to get started – touch the screen to tuck your wings. As you move through the game, jumping from island to island, the theme changes and you’re always presented with a different set of increasingly challenging hills. Every tap on the screen makes a big difference so you really need to concentrate, especially if you’re trying to control your decent from way up in the clouds.

For those with an interest in competing openly, OpenFeint is included for online high scores and twenty seven achievements for more replay.

Tiny Wings is beautifully executed and a joy to play. My kids and I loved the look-and-feel, and the audio track is matched to the whimsical artwork beautifully. Highly recommended, and available for the iPhone in iTunes for $0.99.

Layar Player

Layar PlayerGood news for iOS developers that want to add augmented reality features to their Apps – Layar, the company behind the Layar Reality Browser for the iPhone, just released the Layar Player. The Layar Player is a tool designed to make it easy for developers to add augmented reality features into their own Apps.

The Layar Player requires iOS 4.o or higher, and a 3GS iPhone or higher. More good news, Layar is giving the tool away for free and there isn’t a licensing fee.

Layar writes about the new tool over on their blog:

The Layar Player is a free and easy tool allowing you to offer AR experiences directly within your own iPhone App. It is a unique piece of code that can be embedded in your App like a YouTube video on a website.

Whether you have an advanced knowledge of Xcode or you are just beginning to explore the iPhone development environment, with the Layar Player it is easy to add engaging Augmented Reality elements to your App.

More information on Layar Player 1.0 after the jump.

Bubble Ball Bumps Angry Birds From Top Spot

Robert Nay & Mom

Fourteen-year old Robert Nay, left, and his mother Kari Nay are shown in this picture. Robert's game Bubble Ball is the #1 free game in Apple's App store.

Bubble Ball, an iPhone app developed by a 14-year-old, bumped Angry Birds from the top spot on the Top 10 Free Apps downloaded list in the iTunes App Store. The physics stimulating app has taken the globe by storm with over 2 million downloads worldwide. It’s a huge succes in the iPhone App Store, and is also available in the Android Marketplace.

Bubble Ball was developed by Robert Nay, a youngster who apparently has a passion, and a gift for programming. Nay used Ansca Mobile’s Corona software development kit (SDK) to develop Bubble Ball.

“I’m pretty surprised by how well it’s doing,” 14-year old Robert Nay told AllThingsD, via MSNBC, about the app-store topping hit “Bubble Ball”.

Well, it’s doing great Robert! Love the humility and congratulations.

New Multi-Touch Gestures in iOS 4.3

Engadget does a great job of summarizing the new multi-touch gestures available in iOS 4.3 in this short video. You can use four or five fingers to pinch to the Home Screen; swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar; and swipe left or right between apps.

iPad Orientation Lock Option In iOS 4.3

Good news for those of you that miss having the ability to lock the iPad’s screen orientation using the physical switch on the side of the device. The iOS 4.3 beta includes a new setting that let’s you determine how you want the switch to work – you can select between “Mute” or “Lock Rotation.” “Mute,” the current behavior in iOS 4.2, is selected by default. If you choose “Mute,” “Lock Rotation” will appear in the multitasking tray, if you choose “Lock Rotation,” “Mute” will appear in the multitasking tray. Pretty cool.

iPad Orientation Lock

I’m glad Apple is making the setting available for a couple of reasons. 1) I preferred it when the switch locked screen orientation, so I’ll be taking advantage of this setting. 2) It shows that Apple is willing to backtrack on usability decisions based on feedback from their customers.

Apple Accepting iOS 4 Apps for Approval

iOS 4

Apple is now accepting iOS 4 applications for review and approval. The idea here is to have a wide variety of applications that take advantage of the goodness available to developers in the iOS 4 SDK ready for the June 21st release of iOS 4. Formerly called iPhone OS, iOS 4 is the rebranding of the operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Version 4 introduces new features for developers and users that may require modifications to existing apps for full compatibility.

Apple claims there are over 1,500 new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available for developers. iOS 4 will be available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners for free on June 21st. iOS will not run on the original iPhone or 1st generation iPod Touch and will only run with limited features (no multitasking) on the iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch.

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