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iOS Apps Rejection Rate

AppleA 30% rejection rate on iOS App submissions is a bit higher than I thought it would be. Well.. now that I’m thinking about it, maybe not.

of the 26,000 applications submitted for review each week, 30 percent are rejected for failure to meet developer guidelines. – Tim Cook (Apple CEO) – via VentureBeat MobileBeat

All of this is coming out of  Tim Cook’s response to letters from G.K. Butterfield and Henry Waxman, ranking members of a congressional subcommittee dedicated to protecting the little people from evil things – like iPhones ; )

New App: The Economist for iOS

The EconomistEnjoy reading the latest from The Economist over a latte and a biscotti? Well, there’s an app for that.

On Friday, The Economist launched iPhone and iPad apps. Built by TigerSpike, which also built The Times’ Eureka iPad app, the apps contains all the content from the print magazine, in a UI that’s customized for iPhone and iPad.

Full access to The Economist on iPhone and iPad will be free for current print or online subscribers. If you are not a subscriber you can purchase a digital subscription ($110 a year) from within the app or subscribe online. New editions will be available to the digital apps by 4pm (U.S. East Coast) every Thursday. If you like to try things like this on before you buy, an “Editor’s highlights” selection of content is available for each issue.

The apps are fairly reserved, which is appropriate for The Economist.  There is one feature that sparkles a bit in the apps – audio is provided for all the articles. A button at the top of the interface provides you with easy access to audio versions (read by professionals) of all the articles. So… instead of putting yourself to sleep reading The Economist, you can let the sweet lullabies of  The Economist lull you into a slumber. Kidding.

The interface is clean, and easy to use – you won’t find yourself getting lost in these apps. Pages are flipped through (as opposed to scrolled through) and it’s easy enough to flip your way through a whole issue. Ads are included, but they don’t get in the way of the experience too much. All the illustrations from the print edition are included – unfortunately, you can’t do anything interesting with them – i.e., you can’t zoom in on a photograph.

The Economist is a great publication – one of the few news publications that can boast a growing subscription base – and they’ve produced equally great apps for the iPad and iPhone.

The Economist App Store Link

The Beatles – now available on iTunes – Yawn

Apple Is Such A Tease, And We Took The Bait

The Wall Street Journal was right. Apple’s “big” announcement was that a band which broke up in 1970 was finally allowing its music to be sold in the iTunes store. -via

Glad to have The Beatles available on iTunes, but I was hoping for more. What was I hoping for? A Verizon iPhone. Or, iTunes everywhere.

iPhone 2.0 update = Error

Accessing iTunes Store……..
Accessing iTunes Store……..
Accessing iTunes Store……..
Accessing iTunes Store……..


Early this morning, I anxiously slipped my battle hardened 1st GEN iPhone into the warm embrace of its’ docking craddle this morning to receive the update we’ve both been anticipating for so long. Nearly shaking, I clicked the button to check for an update in iTunes hoping that the coveted update would be available to my anxiously waiting iPhone. It is! Hooray! I clicked the appropriate buttons to start the update process and sat back to check email and sip my steaming coffee. It’s going to be a good day. The stock market might be coming apart on bad news from the mortgage companies and increasing oil prices but the iPhone 2.0 update is here so it’s all good.

Error We could not complete you iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred (-4)
There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later.

Crap, maybe the world really is coming unglued. Now I’m stuck without a phone and I feel like my trusted iPhone doesn’t know who I am anymore. Will it wake up and remember me? Come back friend. My coffee is cold now and it’s NOT all good here.

I’m not the only one – there are others.

UPDATE 07/11 9:47AM P TIME: Getting some traction with the iTunes store. Restoring and activating now – looks like my phone an I are going to be OK.

UPDATE 07/11 10:11AM P TIME: Still having problems with iTunes and connecting to the iTunes Store but my phone managed to Activate and Restore.

iTunes 7.0.2. Works w/ Vista

Apple is suggesting Windows iTunes users delay updating to Windows Vista until they can get an update for iTunes out. iTunes works fine for me on my Vista powered Lenovo – it was working fine on RC1 and it’s still working fine on the Gold bits today. I think this is probably just Apple trying to cast a shadow of doubt on the new operating system from Redmond. If it doesn’t work properly – it’s Apple’s bad – they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the Vista launch. Apple is good at making their Windows-based customers feel 2nd class – Microsoft should leverage this in their efforts to market the Zune. I’m going to trade my iPod in for a Zune.

According to a company statement provided by Apple spokesman Derick Mains, “Although iTunes 7.0.2 may work with Windows Vista on many typical PCs, Apple is aware of some known compatibility issues and recommends that iTunes customers wait to upgrade to Windows Vista until after the next release of iTunes, which will be available in the next few weeks.” Apple declined further comment. – source

I want Search on my 30g 5g iPod

» iPod enhancements withheld from previous hardware | The Apple Core | ipod-e5g-search.png

I’m pissed! I updated my 30g 5th generation iPod, via the new iTunes 7.0 interface, last night expecting the iPod update to add the new Search feature to my iPod interface and guess what – no love from Apple. The linked ZDNet article (above) talks a bit about the frustration I’m describing. By the way, I think there’s an error in the article. The author says, “The problem I have is that half of these new software features are available on previous iPods – including the just-discontinued iPod 5g – despite the fact that the hardware is almost exactly the same.” I think he meant to say, The problem I have is that half of these new software features aren’t available on previous iPods – including the just-discontinued iPod 5g – despite the fact that the hardware is almost exactly the same.”

There better be a hardware reason for not pushing the Search feature out to my iPod. If Apple is expecting me to upgrade my hardware for a “should have happened a long time ago” feature like this I’m done buying iPods. – Easy Album Art

I’m a freak about keeing my iTunes library organized and part of that includes making sure all of my music is properly cloaked in the right album artwork. = easy album artwork. Type the name of an artist or a song and they’ll almost always have the album art available.


iTunes album artwork tip: You can drag images from a webpage (off of search results for example) to the artwork window in iTunes to add or update the artwork associatd with any song.

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