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Jason’s 120% Solution

If you aren’t already subscribed to Jason Calacanis’ mailing list – subscribe. Jason is smart guy with a lot to say and he gets things done. Jason replaced his blog, for the most part, with a mailing list a while back – I’m a subscriber and reader. Jason’s email today – The 120% solution – talks about the economic crisis, why it happened, and suggests possible solutions. Check it out – it’s a great read.

Quote: Jason Calacanis

A co-worker forwarded a quote from Jason Calacanis to me this morning that I think is worth sharing. I like Jason’s view of the situation and I agree w/ his recommendation to unplug from the news sites and constant updates on the DOW and focus on yourself and your work. Get to work! Make your future.

Fortunes are built during the down market and collected in the up market.
Now’s the time to build, so turn off CNBC and forget the Dow. It’s meaningless to you now.
All that matters is your work and your personal progress. – Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis – The Crisis We’re Facing on the Internet

Slimebuckets, pollution and web conservation Calacanis-style

Wil Harris posted a nice interview-style article for the INQUIRER yesterday – he interviews Jason Calacanis, founder and CEO of the new search engine Mahalo. Jason talks about why he thinks the Internet is broken and what has to happen to fix it.

Well, I think the wisdom of the crowds is beneficial, for sure. But I think that there is a limitation to everybody having a voice in something. If everybody has a voice, then you end up with something average. If everybody participated in the making of a movie, it wouldn’t be so good. But if you give Scorcese total control, it can end up brilliant – so there’s really a limit to how far you can push the wisdom of crowds. — Jason Calacanis

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