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iPhone 2.0 update – Tardy Developer

One of the guys on my team was late coming in this morning. Why? The iPhone 2.0 update didn’t restore his recurring alarms. Damn, you Jobs. Were you late today because of your iPhone 2.0? Maybe I’m just a sucker ; )

Turns out the iPhone 2.0 upgrade did not copy over my recurring alarm
clock. Damn you, Jobs.
On Jul 14, 2008, at 10:00 AM, Alex Boone wrote:
> Hey guys-
> I feel really stupid but I overslept my alarm this morning (by a
> long shot). I’ll be in the office ASAP.

Tim Berry and iPhone Drama

Tim Berry: iPhone as Classic Drama – Business on The Huffington Post
Tim Berry, founder and President of the company I work for, has an excellent post up on the Huffington Post about the launch of the iPhone and drama surrounding it. Tim’s perspective on the iPhone launch is especially interesting because of his history with Apple in the 80s and his involvement in their business planning.

I’m eagerly awaiting the iPhone introduction, but not just because I want one. I’m looking forward to the drama of Jobs, Apple, and cool gadgets vs. the stock market and financial analysis. I’m hoping that Apple and Steve Jobs can establish coolness as a wild-card measure of long-term health in a stock market world ruled by short-term metrics like gross margins and last quarter’s earnings. It’s a classic drama, complete with a hero, a fatal flaw, and, I hope, final redemption.

Apple’s Market Value

Apple Logo
Last Friday Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, sent the following e-mail to his team.

"Team, it turned out that Michael Dell wasn’t perfect at predicting the future. Based on today’s stock market close, Apple is worth more than Dell. Stocks go up and down, and things may be different tomorrow, but I thought it was worth a moment of reflection today. Steve."

Last Friday Apple’s market value was $72.3 billion, Dell’s was $71.97 billion. I’m amazed. I still can’t believe Steve saved Apple from what most people thought was certain doom and with the Ipod (an MP3 player) for that matter – who would have thunk.

Maybe I’ll be using an Apple as my primary machine before the year is up – or maybe I’ll just be using their OS. Is a real OS alternative going to emerge from the Jobs hype cloud? I think it’s possible. I think Jobs might be secretly planning an all out attack on Microsoft and the OS they’ve been struggling with for so many years. I think he wants Tiger to work on the PC hardware platform. If he can eliminate the hardware problem (technically and from a business perspective) he can use the Jobs hype cloud to move the masses towards his OS. Compare the Tiger home page to the Vista home page – you can see Steve in the Tiger home page and Bill in the Vista homepage. Culturally, the two companies are very different – people are tired of Windows – if you give them a sexy alternative with low switching costs they might just jump ship. Time will tell.

Update: Chris Pirillo speculating on Apple’s future - Apple’s OS Comes Bundled with Windows on all Dell Machines - Apple Financial Results Q1 2006 Jan 18th

Update: Om Malik – 22 Days of Apple - blogging about historical trends in Apple stock

More Ipods for Christmas Says Jobs

Jobs Announcement 



Just in time for Christmas – more Ipods – and they’re little things. Jobs announces.

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