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Cory Doctorow writes about dealing with jerks in your community

How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community by Cory Doctorow

Related to my previous post, Death Threat Shutters "Creating Passionate Users" Blog, that discussed Kathy Sierra’s unfortunate decision to leave blogging because hostile jerks invaded her community. A good read for any blogger.

In extreme cases, you end up with the kind of notorious mess that Kathy Sierra found herself in, in which trolls directed such bilious, threatening noise towards a harmless advocate for "passionate users" in web-applications that she withdrew from speaking at O’Reilly’s Emerging Tech conference. – Cory Doctorow


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Death Threat Shutters “Creating Passionate Users” Blog

A series of death threats are forcing Kathy Sierra, Creating Passionate Users blogger, to shutter her popular blog. This is unfortunate. Kathy provided (unlike a lot of bloggers) real value in her posts. I’m a software developer and business person – I often found inspiration and useful knowledge in her posts. Kathy provides some chilling details in this post about the nature of the threats. I’m surprised to see the names of some of the people involved/associated with this.

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