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Steve Gillmor On iPhone

Steve Gillmor’s quick-take on the iPhone. Happy or not? Watch the embedded video below and find out. By the way, I’m loving my Motorolla Q on the Verizon network. The iPhone might be great but the network counts for a lot – complaints from switching Verizon customers, accustomed to Verizon’s great network, are already coming in. For me, a network with excellent sound quality, coverage, and reliability is more important than the phone. Can you hear me now? I’m not knocking the phone, I’m knocking the network it’s tethered to.

Motorola HS820

HS820Are Bluetooth headsets for cell phones cool? What’s a Bluetooth headset? It’s that doohicky you occasionally see sticking out of some dudes ear that kind of makes him look like a character from the movie Tron or a lost Star-trek fan. I’m just not sure – living in Eugene Oregon I don’t always have the best perspective on what’s in and what isn’t. Why do I ask? Because I bought one for my Bluetooth enabled Motorolla Razr and I can’t bring myself to wear it in public. Maybe it’s just because my ears are a little on the big side of Dumbo ears.

I bought the Motorola HS820 from Amazon for $25 – a good price considering I’ve seen the same headset for sale here in town and on-line for as much as $75. You need to buy it from the "used and new" section to get that price. The sound quality is excellent and establishing the connection with the Razr was straightforward. When I press the little button with the phone icon on it the Razr’s voice activation features come to life and I can make a call without even touching the phone. I love the headset and for $25 it’s a no-brainer add-on for your cell phone. Great for driving and talking in the car – I use mine while I commute on my bike.

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