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Office Live Workspaces Beta Announced – Snore

Office Live Workspaces

Scoble posted a video interview yesterday with a couple managers from the Office Live Workspaces (OLW) team – they talk about the service, the future of the service, and walk us through a demo. Microsoft announced the BETA for (OLW) yesterday. Sign-up here if you’re in to this kind of thing – Windows Live ID required. Personally, I have very little need for a service like OLW.

Office Live Workspaces is an improvement over previous versions of Office Live which were more small business oriented and very SharePoint like but the service has a huge anchor tied to it – it requires Microsoft Office.

I have multiple copies of Office 2003 and 2007 so I’m by no means an Office hater but I use Word and Excel less and less as the months pass. Instead, I’m using services like Google DOCS and Google Calendar more and more. Why? Primarily, because I can access the services from almost anywhere without any system requirements other than a decent internet connection and a browser. Access from anywhere is important to me because I use multiple computers on a daily basis – I simply can’t afford to spend time keeping client-side software current on all these machines.

Collaborative functionality is another major reason why I’m using services like Google DOCS more and more. If I need to collaborate on a document with a team, I’m going to use Google DOCS. I’m done passing Word and Excel files around in e-mail – constantly trying to track changes and a mess of files with files names that get more and more creative as the collaborative process continues.

Microsoft is losing the ability to provide me with products that work the way I want to work. I understand why they have to protect Office – it’s a cash cow and all that – but that huge anchor is going to really screw them up in the long-term if they can’t put it down and move Office forward at a faster pace and in a revolutionary as opposed to evolutionary way. How hard would it really be for Microsoft to offer the Office suite as 100% web-based solution? I’d pay for that and they’d probably get more out of me over the years than they do currently for Office.

Office Live has been in the works for two years – a good decisive strategic decision to make Office available in the cloud two years ago would have Microsoft in a better position today. Make the decision and implement guys before it’s too late. Office Live Workspaces – Snore.

Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2 Bits Installed


Windows Vista

I installed the Vista Ultimate Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2 bits on my Motion Computing M1400 tablet PC last week. I installed the bits in a computing fit after I managed to trash my user profiles on the M1400. Frankly, I didn’t expect Vista to install properly – I thought I’d waste and hour or two and end up with a fresh copy of XP on the machine. To my surprise I was wrong.

NOTE: I don’t like the way Windows manages user profiles – I’ll spare you the rant.

Vista Beta 2 installed on the M1400 flawlessly and I was installing it over a networked DVD drive. The installer even re-started the system once or twice during the process and it just kept going. I performed a “clean upgrade” which is different than a typical upgrade – it dumps the old Windows XP installation into a windows.old folder which you can delete after you’ve transferred any files or folders you might want off the old system. The installation process took between an hour and two and to my surprise I was sitting in the seat of a brand new working Vista installation when it was over – cool.

Vista isn’t a Windows XP update – the U.I. is radically different. I’m not going to get into the details – there are a lot of other places to go for that kind of thing. I can tell you that it’s going to take some getting used to. At this point I’m using the integrated Help features (which are in pretty good shape considering it’s Beta software) to bounce around the OS. 1st impressions are good. I’m looking forward to the fresh perspective. In my opinion this upgrade is long over due – the OS needs to keep up with innovations in the areas of tagging and RSS.

Office 2007 Beta 2 (I installed it for OneNote 2007) also installed flawlessly and installed these bits over a wireless network just for kicks. Again, 1st impressions are good and it’s refreshing to see something new. The ribbon (widely employed throughout the system) will take some getting used to but I can see the logic behind a task oriented U.I. – we’ll see how it does long-term. OneNote 2007 is great (I’m a big OneNote fan) – the OneNote 2007 team spent a lot of time listening to their customers and making improvements that makes sense – improvements that will really improve the usability of the application. More and more my work day is spent in Outlook and OneNote. Thanks OneNote team.

More to come as I bounce off of new things in the software so many of us use. 

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