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Orvis: Round up for Charity

Orvis Cart


I love fly fishing and my passion for it grows every year. Someday, when I’m an old man and near retirement, I’ll actually have some time for it ; ) Meanwhile, I can buy fly fishing stuff in preparation for the future and those few days I actually do get to go out. Yesterday, a friend pointed me towards a great bargain on Needless to say I just couldn’t pass up the bargain so I struck on the Add to Basket link and headed for the checkout.

During the checkout process I noticed a slick little Round up for Charity feature. It gave me the option to round my order total up to the nearest $1.00, $5.00, all the way up to $100.00. The screen shot above is from my cart. Notice that it even tells me where the money will be going – in this case my contribution will go to the Tiger Guard Campaign. I didn’t donate much, I was pressed for time, but the fact that Orvis spent the time to implement this feature really made me feel good about making the purchase with them and I’m pretty sure I’ll shop with them more often because of it. Kudos Orvis! Well done, and thank you.

How much money do you think this program is pulling in for charity? I’d like to see the option to Round up for Charity in more shopping carts. 

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